Dogs Kill Kid–Was Preventable…

Here we have a very serious error in judgment: CPS puts a 9yr old to live with his half sister that has 3 dogs, then she leaves him alone with the 3 dogs (which are in a crate.) First, we have never seen a crate that could hold 3 dogs of that size. See dogs directly below…….


WHO is not surprised that this 24yr old stated, these are my companion animals, they are my babies, I will never know how this happened (or close to these words)……..sounds just like something an AR would say, definitely. No common sense, no logic, no brains.

Clearly–to anyone with any common sense or any semblance of knowledge of dogs, you would never in a million years ever leave 3 dogs of that size in one crate (even if possible) and then leave a 9yr old child alone with them. This has the makings of sitting next to a person with a loaded gun at your head.

Now a lawsuit against CPS has been started by the deceased child’s dad, who was not able to take care of the child. Defense counsel really will have a challenge on this one because we think that even if the sister did not know anything about dogs (which obviously she did not)– she was negligent, and so was CPS. If defense counsel can show there was no reason to ever be concerned re these dogs,  then the 24yr old is guilty of nothing?  We think not. The DA has the burden of proof, and we don’t think it would be hard to prove that even if the dogs had not acted viciously, it’s still negligence from the viewpoint that no one with knowledge of dog ownership would do something this stupid. It’s like the AR parents that only feed their baby vegan food and it does die? We don’t even think the behavior was reasonable by the sister, period.

We think AR nonsense that these dogs “are your babies” is a partial cause for being stupid because of the continuous propaganda that animals are people and family. They are not people but you might treat them as if they were family, HOWEVER that does not give you the right to pack them in a crate and leave them in a trailer with the 9yr old kid.

This all could have been avoided had the sister known enough about dogs to NOT LEAVE THEM ALL ALONE WITH THE CHILD. Plus a 9yr old child is probably not supposed to be left alone, with or without dogs.