Petdefense Truth on “Selling Puppies”


Above showcase is ok for rescued animals, BUT NOT FOR A PET STORE according to AR activists…………………. Notice it even states “made a huge difference” for the SPCA. DUH

Petdefense has researched the pet and animal cases across the USA, for at least ten years, has watched as HSUS ruined states with their bad laws, have seen those wanting puppies being forced to leave the state to buy one, or being forced to buy one online for no other reason than there were none locally to BUY.

As 98% of canines are typically owned (as the other 2% may be in shelters–but there is no guaranteed way to count exactly…) and many people tend to want a rehomed dog these days thanks to animal rights, but cannot find a suitable one….those left with buying a puppy will find they almost have to go online, or to Craigslist or a breeder. We don’t see anything wrong with that–but ARs simply do not understand  want to HIDE fact that most novice owners or non-dog owners with kids, are not suitable for rescue, rehomed, or shelter dogs.

If one is not familiar with dogs from shelters, we can tell you first hand, that shelters usually don’t  know much about them, especially if they are strays.

Dogs that are surrendered to shelters usually have the least amount of training or prior care.  Dogs surrendered to facilities that are NOT forced to take any animal in (such as private  groups, which can elect not to take in an animal or will tell owner straight out, they will kill it) — will generally have dogs that are better taken care of, had some training, and have probably seen a vet before. This is because the entity obtaining the dogs knows that to resell the dog (it will not be free of course) it has to be marketable. Consumer supply and demand….

Using emotional propaganda, ARs will keep pushing “no mills” but eventually (it may take 10 years) the public is going to figure out that if they cannot buy a puppy in the USA, they will buy it elsewhere.If we assume that the breeders, let’s say that breed to sell to Petland pet stores, which is usually brokered by Hunte, starts to get competition by the other breeders that comply with new commercial kennel regulations that might not be USDA, but just state law, then there would be more competition in that Petland would not be the only seller of pups from commercial kennels.

Because most show dog owners treat their show animals like children (can’t get sick, can’t get dirty, can’t get in trouble, can’t eat crummy food, must be trained extensively, must obey wonderfully, must be good at competition, must do well with others, must not have bad habits, must not hurt others, you get the drift)….that is one reason why most show dog owners hate puppy pet stores, because the puppies were not extensively tested or hand raised underfoot.  Most dog show people have never stepped into a shelter for fear of transmitting some disease to their dogs.

We can tell you firsthand, a dog that was the product of a commercial kennel if treated properly has no proven higher incidence of most common issues facing any puppy out there. ALL puppies lack complete immunity after the mother’s immunity wears off–this is why there are puppy shots.

It’s HSUS and cronies that try to say the commercial puppies are no good, but in reality- HSUS just wants no money made in sales of puppies—and by not selling puppies–sure, less money is made. But if the same money was made in selling rescued dogs or pups, then it’s all that??? Think real hard about it. and HSUS and all ARs want no breeding, no breeding.

Remember– in the AR casebook text (standard legal text used for animal law cases in a college offering animal law) on pg. 69, third edition, it clearly states that if the commercial use of animals was abolished, should the animals all be  1) euthanized  2)sterilized 3)sanctuary?  And all 3 “options” mean one thing…….extinction. But ARs and AR students don’t worry about that do they????? Sterilization for them is a way of LIFE. They hate people but even want to stop animals from being born so they can’t be USED FOR FOOD???

Even if HSUS tries to make it illegal to BUY a puppy, or buy a puppy which was NOT born in the USA, or buy a puppy that was not certified or some other nonsensical crappola, we already know that PIJAC is working with the pet trade industry to devise a changed commercial kennel law. Once that is done, and if the USDA standards are only used for medical research animals, all commercial kennels will provide puppies. That is one solution to the debacle that HSUS got by changing APHIS regs. The federal court kept the changes to APHIS, thus, creating new commercial kennel regs  is a good idea.

The link below does not necessarily discuss the above, but it does have factual basis for common AR issues.

SPCA’s do sell the animals they confiscate and keep the money