Dog Bite Prevention….Rules Don’t Change

Note: We are not saying that we agree with the information below 100%, however, for those who have kids, we would always stay away from rescued/free animals, shelter animals, especially if you are a NOVICE dog owner, have never researched anything about dogs, and know little and nothing about dogs, or if you believe getting a dog will be the kids’ problem, and not yours…….

….and, as stated by attorney of the site:

The source of the dog therefore is also very important. A responsible, professional breeder can be counted upon to show you puppies that are normal and healthy. A pet store is more convenient but you must immediately take the dog to a veterinarian for a thorough check-up.

Other sources include a nonprofessional breeder, an animal shelter, and a rescue / adoption group. However, a dog from any of these comes with a degree of risk. There are three factors that produce the risk. One is the dog lobby’s refusal to acknowledge the dangers of the pit bull, and its organized opposition to the enactment of reasonable restrictions on the proliferation of this unpredictably vicious dog.

Another is the lack of standardized evaluation protocols, which would have to include the taking of a thorough history of the dog’s behavior and lineage, a thorough veterinary review, and the administration of a reliable temperament test.

The third is the absence of a uniform code of ethics which would include a prohibition against releasing into the community any dangerous dog or any dog that could not “pass” the comprehensive evaluation previously described.

If you do not seek a responsible, professional breeder or a good pet store, it will be difficult for you to determine whether the party with whom you are dealing has appreciation for the dangers associated with certain breeds, has made a responsible decision that the dog being shown is indeed adoptable, or can be trusted to strictly avoid placing a vicious dog in your home.

Incredible as it may seem, at this time there are some official, governmental animal shelters which release dangerous dogs to rescue groups that are known to place these same dogs in the homes of seniors and families with small children — all of which is done under the misguided belief that viciousness, which in fact was bred into certain breeds, will always evaporate in a loving home. These shelters and rescue groups actually believe that they know dogs better than anyone else, and that their practices are ethical. In fact, they are misguided.                                                                                       [*PD:  ha ha ha, that’s a serious understatement as animal activists believe all animals are people and that people are scum….and basically, AR people know little and nothing about the breeding of animals, since they abhor breeding, selling, buying, showing, and display and sales of animals and livestock, or eating food that is not vegan….]

None of this is meant to discredit animal shelters and rescue / adoption groups in general. A parent simply has a tougher time and more risk getting a dog from them as opposed to a reputable breeder or store. This will remain true until there are standardized evaluation protocols and a strictly enforced code of ethics along the lines mentioned above.

For more information, visit the American Kennel Club’s very informative web pages for Future Dog Owners. The AKC provides a wealth of information and advice about selecting a dog, choosing a breeder, caring for your dog, and much more. Also see Teach Your Kids How To Avoid Dog Bites.

*PD  Note: the ABA House of Delegates believes that breed based laws (against certain breeds) is not the way to eliminate dangerous dogs. This is probably true, since not all dogs of any breed are going to be exactly the same. However, certain breed types and certain breeds used mostly for guardian, fighting, or protection, were usually genetically bred to show certain temperament and traits. When mixed down with other breeds, the outcome can be iffy because the temperament is not often known or taken into consideration, whereas size and color might be the only thing sought after?

…and, attorney Phillips is urging AG Kamala Harris to prosecute the gal in Yuba County, for leaving her younger brother in a trailer with 3 bully dogs locked in a crate (when she got back home the brother was dead and at least one dog was out of the crate)….see below…we realize it is an advertisement in some respects, but on the other hand, we find that the animal Control will have the DA file charges on owners, accusing them of abuse against animals, but when people get killed, the Prosecutors just do nothing??!!!

The Law Offices of Kenneth M. Phillips, Nation’s Leading Dog Bite Attorney, Challenge California Attorney General Kamala Harris to Take on Yuba County Dog Mauling Death Case of 9-Year-Old Boy

April 14, 2016 07:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a letter to California Attorney General Kamala Harris, the Law Offices of Kenneth M. Phillips, the nation’s leading dog bite attorney, challenge Harris to take on the criminal prosecution of Alexandria Griffin-Heady, the owner of pitbulls that killed her 9-year-old brother Tyler Huston on January 3, 2016.

On March 25th, Yuba County District Attorney Patrick McGrath announced he would not prosecute Heady on child endangerment charges. He did not address what Phillips calls “the real crime,” which is negligently allowing a “mischievous animal” to kill a human. McGrath thus committed “an error unworthy of a first-year law student with failing grades,” and therefore should be taken off the case, says Phillips.

The legal definition of “mischievous” means unreasonably dangerous. Heady’s pitbulls fit this definition, according to Phillips, whose law practice consists solely of representing the families of people killed by dogs and victims who are disfigured or disabled from dog attacks. He does not represent any of the parties involved in connection with Tyler’s death.

On January 3, 2016, Tyler was killed by pitbulls belonging to his sister, Alexandria Griffin-Heady, 24. She left him asleep and alone with two pitbulls that were in a wire cage. The dogs previously had escaped from the cage. It had been breaking apart; Heady had applied a padlock on each door and single zip tie on its roof to hold it together. She knew the dogs previously had attacked her niece, were destructive, and that Tyler did not know how to be safe around them. When she returned three hours later, the roof of the cage was bent off and her brother savagely mauled. He died of his injuries the same day.

“If McGrath had simply read the newspapers during the past 25 years,” says Phillips, “he would have known that the correct criminal charge was ‘keeping a mischievous animal that killed a human being,’ not merely endangering a child.” He cites four precedents published in law books where dog owners were convicted of the “mischievous animal” felony from 1991 on. The most infamous of these cases involved the 2001 death of Diane Whipple, who was killed by two Presa Canario dogs outside her San Francisco apartment. Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel were convicted of the “mischievous animal” felony and Knoller also was found guilty of second-degree murder.

In Phillips’s letter to Kamala Harris, he urges her to take over the prosecution of Alexandria Griffin-Heady so the public can learn whether she committed the mischievous animal crime. “For sure, little Tyler was killed, not merely endangered,” Phillips says. “The public needs to know whether Griffin-Heady was criminally responsible for her brother’s death, and that means the state’s chief prosecutor has to review the case under the right law.”

The Law Offices of Kenneth M. Phillips: Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips has been called “the dog bite king” (Today Show and Lawyers Weekly), “a leading expert in dog bite law” (Good Housekeeping), and “the nation’s best known practitioner of terrier torts” (Los Angeles Times). He is the author of Dog Bite Law, an online treatise regarded as the USA’s most authoritative source of information about dog bites and the law ( Working from his office in Beverly Hills, California, he is the only attorney in the USA who represents only dog bite victims and the families of people killed by dogs, throughout the country.