Puppy “Rescue”= Consumer Con Game


Baloney by HSUS:  “In fact, any type of animal available for sale at your local pet store or at a breeder is probably waiting for adoption in a nearby shelter or rescue”….(notice the failure to mention that HSUS shuts down stores/breeders/sales/businesses)

SO….What is the big deal now with “rescue puppies” and no pet stores, no breeders, and no puppy sales, unless you are a non profit??

[1] Data obtained from NAIA Shelter Project  2012

  • 7,450 rescue dogs were imported into New Hampshire
  • 15,000 dogs were imported into Connecticut through “rescue channels”
  • 90,000 dogs were received in Colorado
  • 130,000 dogs were received in Virginia

We are sure in 2016 that many many thousands more of such dogs (imported, seized,auctioned, forfeited) are resold via non profit groups. But PETA won’t be selling any of course, since they just kill all the ones they take in.

Why do shelters claim they have to kill dogs, but non profits keep spending $$$ to import, buy, take, seize, steal, or however they claim to buy them (auction, wholesale, impound, forfeiture,etc)……….?????

The obvious answer IS that when the  USA consumers are denied access to BUYING puppies at retail, or at a venue (store, farm, ranch, breeder, online,etc) due to local rules or laws pushed by HSUS or other so called non profits—— then the alleged non profits simply obtain the puppies THEMSELVES, (sourcing) then they can market them (selling) and then they can make the laws (regulation) regarding HOW consumers may obtain a puppy.

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Typically, when the same entities are doing all the sourcing, all the selling, and all the regulating themselves, this is called a monopoly?? If one (like a pet store) is forced to buy from them, sell their product (because the law says only can buy from a non profit), and is regulated by them, that’s not free enterprise. Then consumers are told to “adopt” animals FROM THEM??

For example: in some cities now, it is purportedly  illegal to buy a puppy from anywhere other than a non profit source?  How can that be? Well if there are no pet stores allowed, then the only pet store that is allowed (before it went out of business) MUST only sell a puppy OBTAINED from a NON PROFIT SOURCE.

Further, the store must ONLY buy/sell puppies from a non profit source, EVEN if the source itself (the purported non profit) did not obtain the animal FROM a non profit source.  In other words, a non profit group can go to Mexico, or an auction, or overseas, and buy 300 puppies or get them for free, and bring them back to the USA. Then that non profit can resell all those puppies as “sourced from a non profit” at any price they want?

OR–in some cases, such as small paws (Oklahoma), they would BUY the milled dogs/pups at auction and then sell them through the non profit and have done it for decades..(plus they obtain dogs from Mexico)……and they had 800 volunteers who cart these dogs across the country to boot?  They claim the “vet” fees are   $376,019  but adoption fees are only  $61,245. We calculated the average vet bill to be $1,253 per dog if 300 dogs went out?  AND—

—–>  The Secretary/TREASURER is the Spouse of the Executive Director.    

 smallpawsrescue.org/about.aspx     … and they claim to listen to HSUS and are on TV (like Good Morning America)…just like The Grace Foundation of Northern California— with Beth De Caprio CEO who had no Board of Directors— except herself?  And she was evicted from the  ‘rescue’ ranch  (taken back by land owner), all of the animals went where??  Lassen County horse owner was acquitted on ALL charges of animal abuse–but never got back any horses? (Yes there were horses still there, but the best ones had been long gone since the Lassen case started in 2011 when the Wells Fargo bank atty Timothy M. Ryan of Irvine, started his shenanigans /was later removed as atty of record.) 

If you don’t know anything about how a business is run, let’s just say that any business which is a non profit 501(c)(3) should NOT have the Secretary,Treasurer, and Executive Director being the husband and wife. Wouldn’t surprise anyone in our camp, if their “vet” is the brother in law, best friend or cousin, either…………….

One of the Petdefense defense attorneys  defended a well known client in California in Los Angeles, against the CA State AG’s Office, who claimed the client was guilty of ‘fraud’ in a “non profit.”  There was absolutely no evidence of any wrong doing by the client but other defendants were held to pay various sums of restitution, or they stipulated to paying. Client who had done nothing wrong paid $0.00 and owed $0.00 and no charges. Obviously there was no fraud involved.  It took several years to get that result. Also a Petdefense attorney is helping on another case involving felony animal abuse (in news), and possibly on a dog case where trained dog (armed forces) attacked armed intruder but local humane people seized dog claiming it was dangerous.