Great:AZ Senate Says NO to Bias on Pet Stores

Well….finally we are glad to see SOME intelligence in determining how stupid the pet ban laws have been……………

At least this far, Arizona is WAY AHEAD of the pack in logical thinking!!!

PHOENIX – Saying they’re protecting legitimate businesses, state legislators voted Thursday to block cities from banning pet stores from selling animals they get from commercial breeders.

The 6-3 vote came after everyone who testified said they were opposed to the kind of “puppy mills” that mistreat animals.

But proponents of SB 1248 argued that label does not apply to all breeders. And they said an across-the-board ban is improper.

The most immediate effect of the measure if it becomes law would be to void existing ordinances in Phoenix and Tempe.

It also would permanently sideline a proposal by Tucson Councilman Steve Kozachik to adopt a similar ordinance. And it would block other cities and towns from even considering similar measures.

The legislation would not leave pet sales totally unregulated.

SB 1248 would make it illegal for dealers to obtain or sell any animal obtained from anyone not licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Also forbidden would be selling dogs and cats from breeders who have been cited for certain violations by USDA inspectors.


as WE HAVE SAID PRACTICALLY FOREVER……….. AR thinking has poisoned people to think that ANY animal SOLD to the public must be either defective or ..illegal…the AR groups say this, so they  can pretend to make one think they are correct..

this is, and has never been the case………….BUT it seems to be “OK” if non profits SELL the same puppies that come from auctions IF  it’s a non profit that SELLS the animal and

not a pet store………………….go figure……….what’s the difference????????????????????



does this look like i am playing bingo people?????

i think not !!!



And we are sure that plenty of the AR groups are mad, livid, and what have you?


If Trump wins the election he certainly would not stand for that crap where AR groups dictate everything. to the rest of us “normal” people……….

most people these days, are not much more than DRONES just following each other………………………………..

We for one, are very very very  tired of hearing everything which is from California–which is either way over the top uber-liberal, ridiculous, insane, or just plain stupid.

Everyone in California is not stupid, not ultra liberal, and not AR by any stretch of the imagination.  We all do NOT like Katy Perry or the reality tv shows or TV in general.

We all do NOT believe that HSUS knows what we should eat for breakfast or any meal actually.  SO BE IT!!!!