Suggested Reading re HSUS AR Actions

Update: HSUS was on the Hook for Nearly $11 Million to Settle RICO Lawsuit


Why Have HSUS Leaders Been Advising a Pirate Organization?

sea shepherd

If you’ve watched the show “Whale Wars,” then you’re familiar with a supposed charity that calls itself the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. While the Sea Shepherds hold themselves out to be some sort of whale protection outfit, the truth is much dingier. In 2013, a federal court declared Sea Shepherd to be a group of pirates, writing:


Thoughts on SeaWorld and HSUS

Most people have heard by now that SeaWorld is going to phase out its orca shows following years from pressure from PETA, the Humane Society of the United States, and other animal liberation activists (like Steve-O of “Jackass” fame, at right). A lot of people emailed us in disgust that SeaWorld would partner with HSUS. Having reflected on it, we have a few thoughts. You should never cave in to terrorism. You don’t stop getting beat up by giving a bully your lunch money. HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle’s inner Mafioso was on full display, warning other businesses in regards to nasty protests from activists that it’s “better to get your business model aligned and just avoid those things.” Economic terrorists understood that SeaWorld investors would eventually cave from bad publicity if sales and their short-term investment was being jeopardized. And agreeing to stop orca shows would not be enough. Public humiliation and self-flagellation are part of the price to get these people to go away. That said, SeaWorld should’ve had more defenders in the zoo/aquarium community. HSUS picked on SeaWorld as part of a divide-and-conquer strategy. (click title link for full version)

….political backgrounds on what is going on, in hiding actual aim of the environmentalist activists (no hunt, no fish, no kill, etc etc) using subterfuge to get liberal candidates money………….