NEVER Trust HSUS or its “Advisory” Crap

…..”(HSUS) announced the formation of a National Agriculture Advisory Council which would “advise the organization on national agriculture issues.”

Members of We Support Agriculture, a livestock coalition comprised of Nebraska animal agriculture organizations, encouraged everyone to take a closer look at the history of HSUS and understand the consequences of the organization’s actual agenda.

“HSUS is not interested in enhancing animal welfare. It’s a Washington D.C.-based interest group led by a vegan animal rights activist,” according to Ansley Mick, Executive Director. “The group raises money under the auspices of helping local animal shelters, while the true objective is much more extreme.”

“I would encourage livestock growers – and meat-eaters for that matter – to take a closer look at HSUS, an organization which encourages “eating with a conscience” by replacing meat and other animal-based foods with plant-based foods,” said Pete McClymont, President of the Nebraska Cattlemen and WSA Board President. “The activists pushing these extreme agendas aren’t interested in working with our farmers and ranchers; they’re trying to put them out of business.”

PD :  HSUS does not believe in eating meat or using animal products, or having animals used for entertainment in most forms (movie, show, rodeo,etc)

Which is why years ago, HSUS sponsored the LAW that would prohibit alleged violent videos from being sold to under age 18yr old people in CA; it was sponsored by senator Leland Yee of CA, who was just convicted of RACKETEERING in California earlier this year, 2016. Additionally, senator Calderon was found guilty of similar charges, in an unrelated case, and Calderon was a known HSUS sponsoring idiot.

Further, a known HSUS sponsored law, back East,  was found unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court;   claiming that videos depicting sexual fetish by stepping on animals was a crime, but then had the AG apply the law to a historical video on history of dog fighting.

That case (US v Stevens)— then became one

of the biggest con law cases in the USA

as it found the HSUS inspired “law”

was unconstitutional.




Yet most animal owners have never heard of it, never read the case, and don’t even understand how badly HSUS’s sponsored law got thrown down.

Much of the crap drafted by HSUS drones/friends can be easily seen to be in violation of something—but if the Legislature rubber stamps it, it then takes a lawsuit to get rid of it.

The fact that 3 HUGE cases (probably more actually) have been lost by HSUS at the USA Supreme Court shows that HSUS knowingly sponsors laws that are not constitutional. How else can you characterize it???  You can’t.  HSUS is AR and will always be that way.