The New Mill is Petfinder…+”Transport”

Really? Well, if a mill is something that sells products, then what does Petfinder do but  provide selling of  dogs or pets online? It’s only because it’s “online” and that “non profits” do it that makes it any different?

Does anyone know just exactly HOW, WHEN, or WHERE the dogs were whelped, trained, treated, not treated, vaccinated, not vaccinated, health checks, no health checks, behavior of parents, parents unknown????

The truth is that when rescued dogs are obtained, often little is known of their true and actual background, especially if they were strays. Their lineage is almost never known. So even if such dog came from a kennel (commercial kennel) it does not prove one way or the other, what was done or not done unless the authentication of documents is assured.

Therefore it is not surprising to find that when animals can’t find homes, and rescuers use their underground railroad to move such animals to new STATES to sell them, (remember–they are NOT free)………things like RABIES and unknown diseases crop up……..this has already happened.

Because many thousands of dogs (mostly dogs anyway) are transported without any type of governmental authority oversight— there is not really a good way to determine what exactly is going on.

Further, volunteers often provide transport, and they are not vets or even techs. So, with all of the transporting, no one has to check anything like they do when breeders SHIP puppies out of state–which requires a protocol in order to cargo transport. Of course AR activists wanted to make sure that BREEDERS had to follow such rules, but for “rescue” or “transporters” moving such “rescue” dogs— they don’t need ANYTHING at all?????

This is just one more reason why we are not fond of rescues these days. They have no laws in place for transporting, yet they hold breeders responsible for everything under the sun.  Rescues can pretty much do whatever they want and not be held accountable until it’s too late and they have brought in dogs with rabies. Overseas dogs to boot…….if a breeder did that, it would be front page news. If a rescue does it, they try and claim immunity.