Another Person Killed by 2 Dogs

According to news reports, a lady who came to visit a Yale School of Medicine residency student for psychiatry, was attacked by the owner’s two dogs, lost both eyes, a leg,half of her face, upper legs, ears,……..and of course, later died.

The big problem with this death? The pictures of both dogs indicate the dogs came from Miami- Dade County, and they are shown in what appears to be an animal control kennel, with brick walls and typical kennel style flooring. Unless we are mistaken, pitbulls are banned from that county, but these dogs are not necessarily pitbulls?

The fact that the Yale residency student may be charged with misdemeanor drug charges [crack cocaine] is not necessarily relevant, unless one will suspect that the dogs were aggressive and used in case of protection from people involved in the drug trade.

Details are on the pit bull dogsbite site which we don’t necessarily subscribe to, but usually has most of the information as opposed to some other reports which leave the factual situation out.

It should be noted that the site claims, “there will be no criminal charges (in Connecticut) unless there is evidence that at least one of the dogs had been adjudicated as dangerous previously” ???

WOW……………if that was the law in CA, one could just own about 5 killer dogs or plausibly more—- and if none had ever been cited as potentially dangerous, the dogs could kill 5 people and nothing would be done????