Actual Animal Abuse

This is actual animal abuse. Too bad they didn’t stop them beforehand. If this was in CA it would be felony PC 597(a) if not more, and we think maybe jail for several years. In Louisiana, probably not so much. Guys like this should be in jail for sure.


Two men arrested after dog dies having its throat cut on Snapchat

A video of the Snapchat story was posted on Facebook and shared over 5,500 times.

In the video, one of the men is seen tying rope around the animal’s throat, in the next scene the dog is seen clinging to the back of a horse as the man makes the horse buck. In the last video, a man is seen cutting at the dog’s throat a number of times until the animal is left bleeding out.

Bastrop Police Department said that they charged two men, Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler, with animal cruelty and conspiracy but no court date has yet been set. On the post, Gospin said that the men had been “bonded out”.

According to the Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office the two men were arrested by Bastrop Police Department after warrants were issued by the 4th Judicial District Court.