Proposed Law-Seizure,No Court order,on Accusation of Cruelty…

WELL, WELL, WELL……………New Jersey, Senate Bill 2454

Guess what? In CA, the seizure law allows a no warrant seizure based on exigency, AND they routinely seize animals in CA by claiming to people that if you don’t give up the animals, we will take them anyway and you will have to pay for it all???

It only helps AC/or rescues if (a) the animals are small and cute or (b)cute but have something wrong which can be used as a ploy to SELL the animal-they never give them away!! (c) they are purebreds even if not cute  (d) they are not purebreds or cute but for some reason are very popular, and expensive to buy for whatever reason.


(pic above is from Japan, Cat Island)


Not enough water, not enough food, not enough shade, not enough trimming of coat, not enough hoof trimming, not enough room, not enough light, not enough vet care, not enough vaccinations, not enough FAST vet care, not enough FAST cleaning, you name it, it’s usually not fast enough or good enough.

And the pre seizure and post seizure process is actually a big joke. Only in the most mundane cases, where there is NOTHING wrong, does the owner win the hearings.

The hearings create a scenario which triggers the huge storage costs per DAY, which no owner or even animal control, could afford; and if there is more than several animals (let’s say one had 30 animals) he/she is pretty much destined to failure if they don’t make $175,000 per year (just a guess but it’s very expensive)to keep up the payments until trial??? so 15 animals would be half of that. We think we have only seen 2-3 pre seizure and post seizures won in CA. Of course there are probably more that we have never seen because it wasn’t in the news. But we are willing to bet, there are not many.

That is the one reason above all, that seizure is to be avoided at all costs. Because it is dead set against the owner in EVERY SINGLE CASE.  The only real way to avoid it is to NOT have too many animals, and for the ones you have, you best be able to afford the care for them.

Other than that, it is true that seizures are done in CA against people who really don’t have illegal conditions, the animals are not suffering, such as the case of the cat lady (as we know the case) in Oakland, who suffered conviction of “abuse” even when there was no abuse, because the house was dirty ONLY because the cleaner was in cahoots with AR cat groups, and he purposely did not clean the house, and then took pics of dirty litter boxes where owner had many feral cats used to litter boxes..then gave info to AC and rescues…..then AC ended up killing most of the cats even though they were not actually sick.

There is little market for adoption or buyers of feral cats, thus AC was trying to stop the owner from having the feral cats. She had never been out of compliance even with a high number in her care.  Well that’s one way to do it,  the rich cat rescue groups who fix ferals, to do the caretaker in? How do we know this? [The rich group makes $450,000 per year; we saw the tax statements!]

Because it’s in the appeal and lawsuits against the county and the rescues.Some in Federal court.cat_lawyer

There is also an appeal of the trial where owner was found guilty, and there was error by Judge on more than several things; we expect the appeal to overturn the conviction. and what was the worst, the owner is/was an attorney but was then suspended because State Bar claimed the conviction was moral turpitude. It was most definitely not, but State Bar is a very difficult agency (administrative) to work with. the County also asked for restitution but couldn’t prove how they calculated it?  We predict when the appeal is granted and owner-attorney is back as attorney, we will have another attorney on our side… as we have been keeping up with the case since it came out. We will be even stronger after that appeal is granted!!