ACF posts Exposing Pitbull Haters..

Despite all the debacles involved with people loving or hating alleged “bully” dogs, generic “pitbulls” and whatever is claimed to be a “bull” type dog, we were surprised to find that Glen (of American Canine Foundation)……….HEY GLEN!!

……………was posting online on blogger:   and that he is talking about Colleen Lynn, who has rallied consistently to ban all “pitbulls” because of the (we assume) bite victims in the USA??? She even manages to list the legal cases on her site? Well, we suspect she has some “help” in that department, because most people would have no clue on how to find every case and then list them…….unless they subscribed to Lexis …


OR some other legal software.

Well, we know people who worked with Glen, and he has never liked Colleen Lynn, we can’t blame him, it appears from day one that she’s running some group to gather haters due to the casualties purportedly caused by certain dogs. We are not geneticists and neither is Lynn………..BUT even if it could be proven that the specific dogs that harmed people were or were not “pitbulls”— outside of the purported “breed” (which she tends to lump any related breed type together)–it is true that in some cases, the harm to the victims is severe.  So does that mean no one should own such animals?

That would be unlikely. Although in each incident all of the facts are different, IF it could be proven that each and every dog involved actually WAS an APBT, or one of the verified breed types of bulls, see

……… still could mean that the people who owned the dog were negligent; it could mean that the dog was trained to be aggressive; it could mean that the owners knew little to nothing about dogs; it could mean that kids were never taught dog safety at all; it could mean that the dog owner was stupid and had allowed the dog to get away with everything;  it could mean the dog owner was never home and the dog never received any training at all; it could mean the dog came from a rescue or shelter or was a “give away” dog which was already a problem and the new owner was not dog savvy or a novice owner; it could mean that the dog was provoked;  it could mean the dog was not provoked but the dog was jealous of another dog or person, and everyone ignored it; it could mean a huge amount of things as each incident is not the same.    pit-princess-baby

LOL amazingly, the pitbull hater site even hired an attorney to do this brief,[it’s the link down below near the end of post],,,,,,and it claims in the brief, that it was done to REBUT THE ASPCA’S POSITION WHICH SEEMS TO “DOWNPLAY SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCES”  between bulls and other breeds.  The attorney may be  or used to be working in Council Bluffs, Iowa, which apparently has a pitbull ban…. 

We would be the first to admit, that bulls are  different in some respects because they were originally in the past, bred for bull baiting and later fighting; however, their size back then, was about 35lb, not  70 or 90+ pounds. An APBT was never meant to be a huge dog, but using huge Molosser dogs and other larger dogs to be mixed with bulls is very dicey. It should not be done.  [brief by attorney pitbull hater it seems…….]