Leave Animal in “Hot” Vehicle..in California…ARs will Have It Seized…

Californians who see animals in hot cars can break a window…..

Californians who see an animal trapped in a hot car can now break a window to set them free without fear of prosecution under a bill signed over the weekend by Governor Jerry Brown.

Rescuers can break into the car as long as “there is no other way to free the animal”, for instance if the animal appears to be in peril, the car is locked and law enforcement is not arriving quickly enough.


The rescuer must stay at the scene until law enforcement respond to the situation.

The bill was introduced after a series of incidents in which dogs died after being left in closed cars on hot days….

We can already see what will happen, gung-ho ARs will be carrying around implements to break into cars, then BRAG about it online, while also SEIZING the animal so Animal Control can keep it???  You don’t think so???  Then you don’t live in California…….


Image result for photo of dog in car on hot day