Horse Case Still Going After Owner Acquitted+Has New Horses

Want to see what a real scum bucket, in our opinion,  so-called bank “lawyer” pic??             He’s the unattractive one, in our opinion, on the right, as for on the left, we would be accused of being politically incorrect if we said he looks like the terrorist pics in the news in the photo, oops, did we say that he looks like one? Or is that just a statement of opinion? Hey we didn’t take and post the picture, the atty posted it??   Believe us, he is not worthy of fighting for justice after what he did in the horse case.  And he worked FOR an animal rescue (against animal owner) that apparently was equally bad, WHILE he represented the BANKS  against the animal owner..yes, that is a direct conflict of interest. PLUS he had the “banks” GIVE, as in donate, $40,000 to that same rescue!!  Is that even ethical? Because the $40,000 was allegedly for taking the seized horses????????

He later sued that rescue for defaming him. Imagine that???? The rescue was already under investigation after Atty General’s Office got wind of it. Plus, the “non profit” group hadn’t filed taxes since 2010. We already know what happened. Good thing that rescue turned down the $800,000 settlement offer. Whew!! Otherwise there’s big money problem…as if The Grace Fdn. of Northern California didn’t already have a million bad issues. Rated 4/5 stars  on “Yelp” which goes to show you, don’t trust Yelp. They have been sued in many cases for administrative/legal issues.

This “attorney”…. online…brags about his “backyard” view [ocean]  and his so-called “surfing” whoa... that’s a mighty big “wave” it might be 3ft high.. choke GAG*&^% SO SCARY!!!..   for bank atty that likes to talk about “penis measuring” on Facebook!!  Well if it’s so great why not tell all of us, since this “attorney” went online and posted that he would have to perform massage on wife as some form of perhaps, punishment, so we assumed that meant foot massage…  Or maybe dungeon cage?     This  so-called legal ‘man’ that would:

  • represent banks or entities trying to take back property they don’t really OWN, B of A admitted that, and then
  • worked with a “non profit” [Grace Fdn Nor Cal] that had no Board of Directors– the org got evicted from 600 acre ranch, and
  • enabled animal control to execute what amounted to an illegal seizure, of all horses of owner—by using a fake Receiver which was INDEMNIFIED by same attorney in a contract, and
  • who gave a fake profile of the horse owner to the DA, and then
  • got same fake “Receiver” to get rid of everything on the owner’s land (most of it)– and then
  • owner was ACQUITTED of ALL charges (such as alleged ‘animal abuse’) and owner moved back into  the house, which had been sold to another person years ago, but leased back, while  no one (no bank, no attorney, no entity) can PROVE  they actually OWN the property….which is why the bank attorney went to such great lengths over so much time!! Clear out them horses and give back the house that we don’t own!!
  • who refused to allow owner into his property to remove exempt property, and instead wanted the “Trustee” to hand carry each item to the fence line and “hand it” to the owner?  Ludicrous!!!!  Trustee refused to do it.
  • ..and now at least 10+ years later, the ranch/land, are still in litigation, with the former bank attorney having been removed from the case several years back, the animal rescue was closed down, evicted, and broke, lost their litigation and warrant was issued when the animal rights rescue refused to show up to court for whatever in Los Angeles, the attorney reported the animal rescue director to the California AG’s office, and owner lost all of his animals because bank attorney/animal control sent all to the animal rescue ranch, horses were parceled out and sold or given away???

He persecuted horse owner, he did everything, in every court, that he could possibly do……….the horse owner is still in his ranch house, and now they have  new horses back on the property.  Is this ALL?? OH no, there’s much more. Can’t say all of  it though……………..yet.

Do we REALLY think that the bank attorney was successful in taking down the owner and recovering the property?????

  • NO.  Because for that attorney above, the worst is yet to come…………..he’s never seen a BIG wave before……….All that bragging is going to come back to haunt him.  All the fake documents. All of his talk about penis measuring, and his lies………. All the wrongful actions using the court system. Lassen Co. even FIRED a court worker (the wrong one) due to the nonsense involving documents.. Documents were missing, changed, taken out and replaced???? No wonder they don’t want horse owner to get the original transcript. We smell a big rat and we know where it is.  all that work to live in laguna beach?
  • NO, he will not get out of it.  NOT this time.
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