Are Animal “Cruelty” Charges Ever Dropped?

California has the largest animal abuse/cruelty statues in the USA. Amazingly, despite the horrific number of codes which related to animals/abuse/punishment in CA, only a limited number of criminal defense attorneys are experienced and familiar with cases involving animals. Many of the cases in courts involving animal laws


…………..revolve around constitutional law—not surprising.

Why is this the case? Because, as we have long stated, much of the animal law against owners, sellers, breeders, pet related businesses, and even businesses such as farmers bringing food stock to the market— are drafted by animal rights groups and hired attorneys.  These laws are often based on the premise not of animal welfare, but of animal rights. We no longer will see whales at Sea World or elephants in Ringling Brothers circus. Other ongoing targets by activists always include selling of fur products, selling of foie gras, selling of pups/kittens, rodeos, petting zoos, use of animals in movies, ownership of exotic animals, ownership of any animal not indigenous to the USA, videos or games showing animals killed or harmed, training of animals, and far more.

And what is quite interesting, despite many challenges by HSUS and related activists, is the selling of puppies from a pet store such as Petland. Activists spurred on by local HSUS directors or other activists will congregate in front of such stores for ongoing days, weeks, months…this will often result in a huge loss of business because consumers become afraid.  It has become ILLEGAL in many counties in California now, to OWN a pet store which sells puppies or kittens UNLESS they are “rescued” animals. Arizona, however, passed a law that forbids a law which makes the selling of animals from commercial kennels “illegal”…..

The claimed reason for this “rule” by activists is because they claim all of such animals were: (1) bred for profit– and  (2) allegedly were raised in substandard conditions–and that this means, (3) such animals are from a commercial kennel [a commercial kennel is legal under the USDA federal regulations.]  Anyone who has a semblance of brain activity will realize that the slang term of puppy mill (we wince even at writing that word) is used and thrown around by activists everywhere.  However, ANYONE who violates animal laws in any jurisdiction is subject to prosecution. Our experience however, indicates that despite the activists’ lengthy animal laws, many prosecutors do not like to work on animal cases; younger attorneys who have been victims of propaganda by HSUS and national activist websites on the internet tend to favor such cases.

Below, from random search online, we found that some claimed abuse cases actually have charges dropped— it is our belief that many charges are pled out, many animals seized are NEVER returned to owners/businesses, and that many seizure cases are handled improperly from the start.

Animal-cruelty charge dropped against Fort Worth vet accused of … › News › Fort Worth

Jan 12, 2017 – Tarrant County prosecutors have dropped an animalcruelty charge against a Fort Worth veterinarian who was accused of keeping a dog alive …

Attorney: Animal cruelty charge dismissed in Henrietta…/animalcrueltycharges…/95765736/

Dec 22, 2016 – An animal cruelty charge has been dropped against the Henrietta woman whose dogs died after being left out in the summer heat last July, her …

Charging Considerations in Criminal Animal Abuse Cases | Animal ……animals/charging-considerations-in-criminal-animalabuse-cases/

“Animal,” for example, may have one definition in a state’s anti-cruelty statutes, and … In Oregon, a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty may become a felony …

Animal cruelty charges dropped in malnourished horses case | WPXI…/469537468

Nov 22, 2016 – Ten counts of animal cruelty against Faun Dillon were dropped Friday in part because a witness was unable to testify for medical reasons, …

Animal Cruelty, Theft Charges Dropped Against Fort Worth Vet Millard ……/AnimalCruelty-Theft-ChargesDropped-Against-Fort-Worth-V…

Criminal charges have been dropped against a Fort Worth veterinarian accused of theft and animal cruelty in 2014. Veterinarian Dr. Millard Lucien “Lou” Tierce, …

Charge dropped in animal cruelty case – KFYR…/Chargedropped-in-animalcruelty-case-387843302.html

Jul 21, 2016 – A judge has thrown out a felony charge of animal cruelty against a Minot man who admitted to police he strangled a dog to death.

Cruelty charges dropped against animal rescuers in ‘skinny’ horses …

Sep 8, 2016 – The twelve counts of animal cruelty filed against Crystal Davis and her son Joseph McMillen were thrown out Wednesday, ending the saga that …

Charges dropped against owner in extreme animal cruelty case ……/chargesdropped-against-owner-in-extreme-animalcruelty-case/

Feb 15, 2016 – Charges in a horrendous animal cruelty case in San Miguel County have been temporarilydropped.

BREAKING: Animal cruelty charge dropped with no explanation …

UPDATE March 12, 2015; Pasado’s Safe Haven recently learned that animal cruelty charges weredropped against a former Snohomish County Animal Control …

Charges dropped in DelCo animal cruelty cases – Grand Lake News…/chargesdropped-in-delco-animalcruelty-ca…

Feb 3, 2017 – 30, Delaware County District Attorney Kenny Wright said his office has droppedthe 10 counts of felony animal cruelty against Chris and Claire …

Cruelty charges dropped against Derry Township woman | TribLIVE

Nov 21, 2016 – Animal cruelty charges were dropped Friday against a Derry Township woman whose allegedly malnourished horses were seized by …

Pendleton County Animal Cruelty Charges Dropped – ……/pendleton-county-animalcrueltychargesdroppe

An animal investigator said it was the worst case of animal cruelty he had ever seen. But, northern Kentucky prosecutors struck a deal to drop the charges.

Animal cruelty charges against owner of horse rescue are dropped…of…dropped/5983300

Sep 9, 2016 – Officials have decided to drop charges against the owner of a Lancaster County horse rescue.

Animal cruelty charges dropped in Green Acre dog deaths…animalcrueltychargesdropped/20780321/

Dec 22, 2014 – The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is dropping animalcruelty chargesagainst four people charged in the deaths of more than 20 dogs at a …

Re: Foie Gras—  California banned foie gras in 2004 with the passage of a law prohibiting force-feeding of birds as well as sales of products obtained from this practice. The law had an eight-year phase-in period and came into effect in 2012. In 2015, following industry attempts to overturn the ban, enforcement of the sales portion was enjoined on preemption grounds. That case is currently on appeal and oral arguments were heard in December 2016. Although foie gras can currently be sold in California, pending the appeals court decision, it still cannot be produced in the state. (We read this on the activist site…) This apparently led the activist group to start filing UCL   claims in the courts……….

Last but not least………..ALDF reports that……….

Welfare Reports Removed From USDA Website

Posted on February 9, 2017“On Friday morning, animal protection in America took a significant step backward when news broke that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) had removed critical animal welfare reports from its website. The Animal Legal Defense Fund immediately got to work on battling this devastating change which sacrifices the well-being of animals while shielding animal abusers from public scrutiny.”

LOL  LOL ………the only reason that activists would clamor over this is because they want everything their way. Seizure law, abuse law, impound law, forfeiture law, the list is endless in California but the USDA is Federal, so good luck on that. HSUS’ routine lobbying in Congress has been done for decades, but the worst part in California was the 2005 and forward, when HSUS/friends pushed at least 40 laws (anti owner, anti seller, anti-buyer ,anti-choice) and got nearly all of them passed.

Nearly all of HSUS state laws are DESIGNED to stop local buying, selling, breeding, giving away; or mandated altering.


The animal rights CREED is that animals should never be sold, especially not for profit.

Once everyone understands that animal rights activists believe it is wrong to use,buy or sell an animal and “make a profit”, you can then understand that activist groups believe selling/killing animals for food, displaying animals for education/entertainment (rodeos, movies, petting zoos,etc), hunting and fishing—-are all immoral.

“The bigger the lie, the more the people will believe it” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Make the lie big, make it simple,keep saying it,  and eventually they will believe it…… Adolf Hitler…….same ruse that animal rights activists have used for many decades— P R O P A G A N D A…………..