Con Law Due Process Example–Horses ..and Trump Brings Anti-AR to USDA Team!! Bravo!

Tennessee walking horses, which have a high-stepping gait that enthusiasts say comes from breeding and training. Use of caustic chemicals to a horse’s legs and other painful practices  are outlawed under the federal Horse Protection Act, and the Agriculture department is responsible for horse owners’ compliance. During a post-show inspection, the veterinary officer determined that The Royal Dollar  (horse)was ‘sore.’

Jeffrey Howard, the publisher of the Shelbyville, Tenn.-based Walking Horse Report, told the Shelbyville Times-Gazette that the USDA’s removal of the documents was “proper.”

“The USDA has been unfairly punishing people by listing them as violators of the HPA while never allowing those parties an opportunity for notice and a hearing,” Howard told the newspaper. “The violations statistics that the animal rights movement and [the Humane Society] have used to further their cause have been false and misleading statistics and are not violations.”

Being accused of soring is no joking matter, and  Texas owners Lee and Mike McGarland apparently had official “warnings” between 2013-16 that claimed them as “violators” which appeared on a public USDA database. The owners sued, claiming the enforcement program denies due process to those accused of violations, and breaks privacy laws by publishing personal information.   Their litigation is now being hailed by some Tennessee walking horse activists as the impetus for an abrupt USDA decision last week to pull from its public website all enforcement records related to horse soring and to animal welfare at dog breeding operations and other facilities. “This move is a direct result of the lawsuit,” reads a post on the Facebook page of TWH Facts, which is run by a prominent advocate.

The agency has offered little explanation for its action, saying in statements that it is the result of a review, guided by court opinions, privacy laws and current litigation, that began last year. And though the decision was made under the Trump administration — which named a longtime foe of the Humane Society of the United States to head the USDA transition — the McGartlands’ lawsuit and interviews with former agency officials and animal protection advocates suggest that changes had partially begun several months before.


Under the Trump administration, the USDA, which does not yet have a secretary, took less than three weeks to approve the removal of records that had been available for at least seven years. 

WOO HOO!!! TRUMP IS REPLACING FORMER USDA PERSON**– WITH AN ENEMY OF HSUS!!!  GO  TRUMP !!!!! (see data below rebel flag)… Yea Yea supposedly the rebel flag can’t be flown, who cares!!!!!!!

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**a new member of the team overseeing the transition of the USDA: Brian Klippenstein, executive director of a group called Protect the Harvest.     ***A GOOD SITE***

Damn straight to appoint anyone who doesn’t like HSUS. If people understood  that even the IRS can’t figure out the HSUS’ financial trail in so many countries hidden under layer upon layer of claimed corporations—they can’t even be audited. It would take 150 years.

The one thing that DID change years ago, was that HSUS had to dismantle their 4,000 pages of website crap and make it into a juvenile based EZ reader for dummies. HSUS is focused on kids,teens, and dumb people.

Go look at it and after realizing it’s a propaganda site designed to both take your hard earned money, and make food expensive so no one can eat protein, while they try and pass a law to outlaw bacon/eggs? ..then you understand why they also don’t want any animals sold, because selling usually produces income. They want every animal to just live, but not be owned, but hey–just let Micahel Vick, convicted dog-torturer, own a dog? Had he been convicted in CA he would not be owning squat for 10 TEN long years. HSUS instead used the token black NFL player as a way to allegedly approach minority kids in the ghetto.


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