Horse Seizure Case, Owner Acquitted…

YES this is an old story. After the head of the “rescue” shown below (blonde) managed to get tons of donations (at least $40,000 alone from WF/BofA banks+ many more thousands…)—for taking the seized horses, which a Receiver did by obtaining a Court order, without any due process hearing, and where that Receiver then sued the attorney she claimed she was working for, and his insurance even indemnified her?


This rescue person turned down a large settlement from whoever she sued (we heard it was under 900k) then proceeded to sue in the wrong jurisdiction for millions, got more than several attorneys to work on her cases for years (we believe they were not paid)  and bank attorney moved it to Orange County. After that, the rest is history.

Owner of horses lost all of them but was acquitted on all “abuse” charges since there was no abuse. Owner is back on the property with different horses now, but the lawsuit involving the real estate is still going, 5 years later.

This case had 39 pages on google, and the rescue CEO got into trouble, was evicted from the 600 acre ranch, and should NEVER run any rescue organization. She also was siphoning the rescue donations and paying herself, because she claimed she loaned the rescue her personal money. She had no working Board of Directors.  The attorney General supposedly investigated the rescue/CEO, however we never found out the result.

—- > However if you know of a rescue-gone-rogue that is in California, and they are violating the law, you should REPORT it to the Attorney General’s Office of Charitable Trusts, since they are in charge of investigating NON PROFITS. <—–

Filing a Complaint — California

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They will not tell you what they will do, but we know what they do, and they are slow.  We have already done cases where the AGs Office wants to file charges on a non profit, but our guy hadn’t done anything wrong. Had to be in Los Angeles Court (that one was a real dump,old and lacking) but we won anyway.

Monday Jul 09 2012


Grace Foundation files lawsuit against banks over Susanville horses

By: Laura Newell, Telegraph staff writer


FOLSOM CA – A question of responsibility is at the core of the case of more than 50 neglected horses, their rising medical bills and basic cost to keep them fed.

The Grace Foundation of Northern California, based in El Dorado Hills, has taken the fight to court, claiming they were deceived by Wells Fargo and Bank of America when the foundation was entrusted with the care of the horses.

The Grace Foundation took in, nursed and cared for the neglected and abused equine that were removed from a Susanville ranch last year.

According to the foundation officials, the banks that foreclosed on that ranch are not providing money to help care for the neglected animals.

The cost of caring for the horses and their medical costs is more than $50,000 per month, according to the foundation.

Banking officials deny the allegations, saying they are not obligated to help fund the care and feeding of the animals and are not the rightful owners of the horses.

On Monday, July 9, foundation supports protested the situation by taking 15 horses to Folsom’s Wells Fargo and Bank of America branches.

“We brought the horses to give the media and the banks an understanding of what that amount of horses would be like if they were abandoned on their property or placed in their care,” said Beth DeCaprio, The Grace Foundation’s executive director. “We have worked so hard to do the right thing with these horses and help our community. I am so sad that this situation had to come to this.”

A Wells Fargo official took issue with DeCaprio’s statements.

“Ms. DeCaprio’s claims against Wells Fargo are completely without merit,” said Julie Campbell, assistant vice president of Corporate Communications for Northern and Central California Region’s Wells Fargo Bank. “Wells Fargo has never owned the Whispering Pines property or the horses that formerly resided there, nor were we involved in the horses being transferred to the Grace Foundation.”

According to reports, the horses’ original owner, Dwight Bennett of Whispering Pines ranch, has been charged with 70 counts of animal cruelty and is currently awaiting trial. He denies all allegations.