Forced SALES: Non Profit+Shelters Only!?

Word is out that Mancuso (Social Compassion of CA) is aiming to turn the animal pet industry into 100% AR nonsense…..…maybe by having ALL animals sold, or at least dogs, only to be sold by shelters and rescues………….or maybe just “non profits.”  That word makes us want to barf.

The 2017 Pet Rescue & Adoption Act would require all pets offered for retail sale in CA to be obtained solely from CA animal shelters and non-profit rescue groups – NOT from breeders! Does that mean we can force people to only buy used cars?   This is obvious fallout from anti-mill laws that HSUS claims need to be passed city by city (since to get such a statewide law would be near impossible since it would violate the commerce clause among other things..)                    

*We don’t believe that this is legally possible unless someone is genius enough to get it passed by the Legislature. Although we believe the CA legislature is lame, they *might* be smart enough to REALIZE the USA is not a communist country. Well it was when Obama was running it. But fortunately people got sick of it.  dog_bark

UPDATE: Here we go:

Non profit groups can and do make huge profits. The profit is not taxed and they do not pay taxes, BUT— as we can obviously see—many non profits run afoul of the laws, for example, HSUS?  Many “non profits” have been caught pocketing donations, and being closed down. Especially AR run non profits— never, never, never give them a dime or buy their crap, no matter what they tell you. They claim they are not after $$$ but in fact, they are after $$$ and they don’t even pay taxes on the money.

The richest AR non profits are the worst. The most propaganda, the most lies, the eye candy pics, the emotional drivel, they usually have paid lobbyists, they are in Congress all the time, and they tell pet owners what to do.  Ignore everything they say. Trump hired an anti HSUS on the federal USDA team–we reported that prior.


We haven’t had time yet to pull either the winning case, or settlement, [it’s likely a settlement, but we will find out…]  but it’s  one of the FEW cases (Federal)  in the USA where people are ALLOWED to sell animals, such as from a PET STORE—– (that might come from USDA kennels, often called commercial kennels..) — is a big deal these days.

As we have long stated, Petland (national pet sales store) CANNOT be shut down nationally, it can only get shut down if activists stand in front of each one and wreck the business every weekend. [This would be the case for any national pet sales store…] That was done in Roseville, CA, when Jennifer Fearing, the HSUS Director, gathered groups of women (mostly), including book author Gina Spadafori,  to demonstrate in front of the store. Over time, the activist demonstrators closed down the store and the owners gave up the franchise.  ( CA laws are in the toilet–we have HSUS Fearing lobbying in Sacramento all the time!)  PLUS–walking the GOVERNOR’S DOG?

For NON national chain stores, it is much easier to shut them down simply by filing lawsuits. The commerce clause will not usually apply as a defense, and the ARs will argue rational basis (which is the lowest tier used in constitutional law.) For stores that are in large shopping malls, there are different laws that regulate what interference can take place.  For example, activist demonstrators (cheerleading squads) would go to malls where there were pet stores selling pets. They would practically scare all patrons away—we saw it online. However, cities often pass “no selling of commercial bred animals”, see …….. and we have always found it to be troubling, since essentially, this only happens in the former “Obama” liberal states,  and CA is one of the worst there is.

Despite the setbacks for pet sales in CA,  we now have access to extremely well-seasoned veterinarian (USDA mind you…)….plus large animal and equine experts and vets!!!  Not to mention that our experience over the years, coupled with dedicated research of AR illegal actions, gives us a heads up on nearly any animal law cases, particularly sales, seizures, and the ARs trying to squelch sales, seize more animals, and instead of improving things, they instead USE THE PUBLIC as $$$$ tokens—meaning—many people are still IN THE DARK  when it comes to their own RIGHTS.      And, amazingly, we even have first hand knowledge on the baloney told to Judge by animal law casebook author, attempting to claim that statutory construction of a statute (involving due process)   pretty much doesn’t involve common knowledge, or common sense?  Statutory construction of statues is a well known subject.                                                  See

WAGONS HO secured (1) (800x618)

Well, if that was the case, that no common sense is required, why are so many warrants traversed and suppressed? Because they are done either improperly or are defective, that’s why?  And aren’t many of our constitutional rights based upon the 4th Amendment?

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”   Does this mean it’s just fine and dandy to use lies, subterfuge or non disclosure to get your “warrant” just because you got away with it?  Of course not!!  Is there a word in front of “supported by Oath or affirmation”? NO, there is not, because it is PRESUMED that the OATH or AFFIRMATION does NOT involve DECEIT !!!!!!!!!

Duh??  Due process?  Illegal searches???  Double duh???

We are going to try and speak directly with the owner(s) that achieved victory in Arizona, maintaining the right to sell whatever animals he/she brought to market–and EVERYONE  in the USA should realize that all citizens should have the choice to CHOOSE. Arizona has a state law that prohibits any law which would make the sale of commercial kennel animals illegal, therefore no ARs can try and pass any “local” law to do that in the entire state. It should be known: COMMERCIAL KENNELS ARE LEGAL UNDER FEDERAL LAW!!!

Despite AR groups claiming only THEY can sell animals, they can import animals, they can be outside selling animals, they can exhibit animals in parks or just about anywhere—but no one who is NOT A NON PROFIT CAN DO THIS????  The few exceptions are for 4H and certain pet shows, but basically, the ARs  got that law passed years ago.  

So essentially, the non profits dealing with animals BELIEVE that only THEY are worthy to sell or hawk animals to the public. By calling it “adoption” or “rescue” or “shelter” animals (even if they themselves buy the animals from breeders of commercial kennels) —they have hoodwinked the dummies of the USA into believing they have something BETTER because THEY took care of it.  How asinine. The bottom line is, they want to capture the market share of $$$ for themselves–so much so, that they will go overseas THEMSELVES and buy pets–or–they will IMPORT STRAY ANIMALS!!!!

Go figure– 6 billion people on Facebook proves stupidity quite quickly.  We don’t care– Facebook may be a lot of things– but it is not professional, and never will be, it is aimed at those who simply cannot email, call or text, but must log into “Facebook” or they will have a meltdown. and EVERY AR is ON Facebook. Go see for yourself. The ARs are far more savvy when it comes to being Hitler-like. They excel at it. Make it simple, repeat it ad nauseam, and pretty soon you’re killing people. Just because. OR we should clarify, killing off the rights of everyone else who wants the right to choose anything.