Is ‘TripAdvisor’ Working With PETA–the Crazy People?!

Well, it’s not like PETA needs more money —  after all, the job of Peta is to kill animals and not use animal products after all?

As a non profit group (groan), PETA has become well known for its craziness. For example, they filed a Federal lawsuit in San Diego, claiming that whales were slaves at Sea World.  Of course, the US Constitution covers HUMANS– but PETA claimed essentially, that the whales were really slaves?  and as we know, there subsequently was a film about whales, and fact that a Sea World trainer was killed, etc etc.  Over time, by protests staged outside the Sea World facility, this ruined the business for patrons attendance.

So despite this, the bottom line is that animal rights activists want absolutely—-

–no use of animals at all— not in movies, not in carriage rides, not in zoos, not in any type of place where the animals entertain people (regardless of what they do), not in aquariums, not in petting zoos, not in rodeos, not in horse shows, dog shows, any kind of show at all. Notably, even the circus  Barnum and Bailey stopped using elephants and is closing down May 2017.

For anyone who really understands the true beliefs and nature of “Animal Rights”, it is never surprising to find the blatant actions taken by these people and groups. Only the AETA– Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act which is sparing used— indicates the extreme level which is needed to stop ARs from simply being rampant law breakers.

H.R.4239 – 109th Congress (2005-2006): Animal Enterprise Terrorism …

Shown Here: Introduced in House (11/04/2005). Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act – Rewrites federal criminal code provisions regarding animal enterprise …

Due in part to the decline of people’s intelligence, too much “Facebook” and general beliefs of younger people who seem to fall prey to many animal activists trickery, propaganda,etc…..activists are more belligerent, demanding, and  even ruthless. Such people want no animals to be enjoyed by humans. Period.