Stopping Errant Illegal Acts by Humane Officers Seizing Pets?

OF COURSE we should stop them !!! There is virtually no oversight, and even if the Humane Officers (HOs) work with government contracts, but still do illegal actions, should we be putting up with this crap? NO!!!!    (IN case you are not familiar with Animal Rights, this is a pic of one wearing the hood because they think it will stop people from figuring out who they are? After they have burned down things, conspired to commit crimes, even admitted conspiracy to violate the AETA?)


Do we think someone will get us some LAW that will stop them? HAHAHAHA  yeah right, it won’t ever happen?

If people knew what we know– re how HOs have run amok, just like girls gone wild, but its HOs gone wild, they pretty much are:


(1)  Not accountable for their actions. No one can even figure out who to call when the HOs screw up? Not even all attorneys know what can be done?

(2)  Allowed to get away with illegal actions— most of the time

(3)  They take advantage of those less fortunate (financially)

(4)  They can obtain seizure warrants, write up narrative reports, claim that animals are being abused when they have never SEEN any animals..and obtain such animals by false pretenses?  They will even make owners kill their own pets! “Oh, it’s too OLD”

(5) They can claim they need to do inspections and then tell owners if they don’t comply they will not only take all their animals, they will make sure owners never get them back? That they will file EPA charges because of dumping poop?  HSUS is known for doing this !

(6)  They will try and get entry into your house, barn, home, whatever–without any type of warrant or any credible threat (exigency) to any animal. In some instances, we know that owners’ livestock were being killed (slitting throats, poisoning)

(7)  They will put spies out online for Craigslist, Facebook, any type of online venue that rehomes pets, then have people try and snitch off other owners..this happens everywhere…….

(8)  They will lie to owners online and then pretend to want to BUY the animals and gain entry to your house, yard, etc, then they will come back and seize all of it, plus try to fine owner/more–such as publishing defamatory statements (no truth to them), or stealing animals, then giving owner a vegan food basket? (PETA did that)

(9)  They will take bagged animal poop and not only smash it into the ground, they will smear it on walls, on crates, on anything they want, throw it everywhere, take pics, and say “that’s how we found the place” it was filthy, smelly, and disgusting, after they tip over garbage and throw it everywhere! The case in Hawaii proved this happened, and that ain’t the only case!

(10) They will take videos of dirty animals after they put the poop, water and dirt and mix it together and put on the fur; for horses, they will use some type of artist makeup to make the ribs appear more prominent, then photograph them from a back or front view angle to make them look thinner; they will use photoshop on any pics they want?  This happened in Lassen County!

(11)  They will cause a seizure roundup (let’s say horses..) and take 12hr to do it, making the horses look worse than when they got to the place, because they caused the horses to become afraid, agitated and harmed because they then have to use brute force to trailer animals that are not used to that type of “round up..” In fact some “rescuers” would chase horses and bring children who know nothing about horses, and the horses would end up running into fences and hurting each other?

(12)  They will make fake, completely untrue statements to gain temporary possession of animals, because they know the animals are worth FAR more than the crummy animals available at shelters (where 60% are returned after adoption)– then they denigrate the owners and resell the same animals at a 600% profit for themselves? The government in CA does NOT compensate them for providing medical in most cases. So why bother to follow the law? Why not just seize anything that can be resold, use the animals to make more money, gain money from donations, and lie about the circumstances of the “bust”?  Who’s going to know?

(13) Seizures are done by  non profits because they normally are not compensated for any medical work done on seized/abandoned animals, thus, it makes them more money to seize animals that are the ones people WANT. Oh sure they can also seize run of the mill generic chihuahuas and bulls, but no one really wants them since there are thousands filling the shelter daily?

So planned seizures are done for several reasons– 1–for marketing purposes [poor little dog, kitten, 3 legged, one eyed] for financial gain–using the animals as a propaganda tool, to get emotional saps to fall for these animals –2— for free advertising to gain both publicity, and the emotional saps who will want to support them, and  then make  the HOs look live the saviors –3– they get compensated when people feel sorry for the animals or whatever it was they possibly stole– and then people think they are “HELPING” animals. By BUYING the animals–they are never FREE.

(14) Not adhering to the law–HOs have for many years now, used subterfuge, lies, non disclosure, stealth, trespass and outright theft to gain and take animals from owners.  Most owners are NOT informed that this is happening. They are too busy on Facebook reading about other crap.


There is more below the picture………


…and this isnt even “new”  NEWS!!!!!

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May 9, 2014 – … County SPCA and the District Attorney, alleging the SPCA illegally took … themselves as authorized humane officers and seized his animals.

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Feb 23, 2010 – Humane Society officers took the horses from Ms. Vess’ farm without a warrant after receiving what they said was an anonymous tip.

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Apr 13, 2010 – HSUS seized 172 dogs, issued a press release, and touted the … that the September search warrant HSUS helped execute was illegal. … That seems to contradict testimony from the animal control officer who got the warrant.

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Jun 28, 2012 – In some circumstances Animal Control officers, unable to find a legitimate …. dogs, the act of owning or even possessing a dog has been made illegal. … to do so animal control can invoke search, seizure, confiscation, and …

[PDF]legal aspects of animal control due process – ShelterTrak

 (c) prevention of illegal searches and seizures (d) right not to incriminate …. Animal Control Officer to cite an individual to court in place of a physical arrest.