How Knowing Zero re Dogs+Believing AR Bullshit Gets Kids Killed……..

…and this goes especially for SHELTER dogs where OWNERS believe the ARs when they claim breed of dog has nothing to do with dog……..VERY Wrong…of course the breed has SOMETHING to do with it, and BEING in a SHELTER does as well!!

    If this guy who lost his grandson, had used his brain,





Instead, he went to jail/his grandson is dead.

We suspect that being smarter and more cautious is a lot cheaper than believing the AR nonsense. Anyone with kids should know not to keep multiple dogs of any kind where a kid might wander and approach them. Even if no kids, no one should keep multiple dogs (5 of them) especially after they killed an Akita (which is a fighting dog.)

We found the story on the anti pitbull site (which we don’t necessarily like for sure) but no other site had the data spelled out. Here is the story, it bears repeating–do not obtain dogs from shelter when you know NOTHING about dogs!!!!! and don’t have 5 pitbulls or any other breed larger than 25 pounds if you don’t know anything about dogs!!!

victim, Jacob Bisbee, and Steven Hayashi in jailhouse interview in 2010.

fatal pit bull attack Jacob Bisbee

One Year in County Jail
UPDATE 07/07/14: Nearly four years after the brutal pit bull mauling death of 2-year old Jacob Bisbee, the owner of the dogs, 56-year old Steven Hayashi of Concord, was sentenced to one year in county jail and three years formal probation. Hayashi was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in April and could have been sentenced to 10-years in state prison. On July 22, 2010 Jacob was killed by three of Hayashi’s  pit bulls. The dogs had a history of violence. THESE WERE SHELTER DOGS.

The trial of Hayashi was held in August 2013 — Hayashi waved his right to a jury. The Contra Costa Times described his trial as having a “sporadic schedule.” In April 2014, Judge John Kennedy of Contra Costa County Superior Court found Hayashi guilty of involuntary manslaughter and two other felonies in connection to Jacob’s death. Hayashi remained free until his sentencing in July. On Monday, Judge Kennedy allowed Hayashi to remain free pending an appeal. The appeal was lost and announced April 2016…… was unclear if defendant has a one year jail term or 3 yr of probation only. We would say he deserves a year in jail…we just checked, and yes, he is in jail.

08/05/10: Dogs Had Killed Three Pets
In a surreal update concerning Steven Hayashi, whose FORMER SHELTER pit bulls killed his 2-year old step-grandson last month, it was revealed in court  that Hayashi’s dogs had killed more than one family pet. Prosecutor Mary Knox said that the pit bulls killed two other family pets in the same time period — a parrot and an Akita, “who had poked its head into a room containing the dogs.” The mauling suffered by the Akita was so severe that its head was torn off, Knox said.

Knox told the court that on the morning of the attack, Hayashi left to play tennis with his 13-year old son and did not wake his wife nor ask his 19-year old son to care for the young brothers. He also admitted to police that he failed to secure the two locks on the garage door before leaving. Previously charged with two felonies, Hayashi now faces enhanced charges. The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office added a death enhancement to the child abuse charge.

07/24/10: Hayashi’s Jailhouse Interview
In a jailhouse interview Friday, Hayashi said doesn’t believe he is “totally responsible” for the boy’s death, but acknowledged that he had ignored warning signs — including when one of his dogs killed his Chihuahua. Prior to the attack that struck down his step-grandson, Hayashi believed that pit bull owners, and not the dogs themselves, “were the problem.”

Changed his view
Steven Hayashi fatal pit bull attackBefore the tragedy, Hayashi said he had always believed that pit bull owners — and not the dogs themselves — were the problem. “Well, I used to think that way,” he said. “That’s what got me into this mess, just thinking that they’re just regular dogs. I can understand a dog biting or nipping, but to maul somebody until he’s dead? To tear out somebody’s face?”
Not a ‘social outcast’
“I personally don’t think I should be behind bars because I made a bad decision about keeping the dogs,” Hayashi said. “I’m not like (a) social outcast. I just made a bad decision about keeping the dogs.” The dog that killed his Chihuahua, he said, was Kiwi, a male who was about 6 months old at the time.
“It was my responsibility to do the appropriate action when it happened,” Hayashi said. But he said he had decided to keep all five dogs “because I didn’t have the heart to euthanize them.
Hayashi said he believes Kiwi was primarily responsible for Jacob’s mauling. He said he wasn’t sure if the two other dogs in the garage, Sadie, a 3-year-old female, and Jake, a 1 1/2-year-old male, took part.
The family’s two other pit bulls, Max and C.J., both year-old males, were in the yard at the time. (Henry K. Lee, San Francisco Chronicle)

07/23/10: Authorities Charge Dogs’ Owner
Concord police have arrested the child’s step-grandfather, Steven Hayashi, 52, on suspicion of child endangerment and owning a mischievous animal that causes great bodily injury or death — both felonies. The charges come after his three pit bulls killed Jacob Bisbee this morning. Hayashi wasn’t home during the incident, but told police that he owned the three pit bulls involved in the attack as well as two others. All five dogs were euthanized today by animal services. Police Lt. Jim Lardieri said the dogs attacked the toddler when he walked into the garage. The victim’s grandmother and 19-year old uncle were in the house at the time, as was the boy’s brother and teenage cousin. The victim’s father also lives at the home.


What can this tell us?

  1.  Dog owner wanted to get dogs. He believed the BS that ARs tout, that there is no bad dog, only bad owners. TRUTH:  There ARE MANY BAD DOGS, and bad owners. A bad owner can just be bad, or he/she can be dumb and completely NOT informed.  This owner was completely without knowledge.  His fault for not researching, reading, or attempting to learn more.  There was plenty of real facts online in 2010…………….
  2. A breed of dog is not necessarily “bad”, BUT— certain breeds definitely carry more RISK than other breeds, AND if you don’t know the BREED because it’s a mixed breed, then unless it’s 10lb and under– do NOT buy the dog, or take it even if it is free–especially if you DON’T know canines, and have little to no experience with dogs.
  3. We meet people/friends ALL THE TIME THAT REFUSE TO LISTEN. They allow their dogs to kiss kids on the face, they allow strangers to touch their dogs without even knowing whether the strangers/friends are knowledgeable about dogs in general, they don’t follow safety protocol, and they are generally NOT knowledgeable about dogs–but think they ARE.
  4. It is a know fact that a 35lb dog and smaller can kill a person. Novice owners have no clue of this and think only certain breeds kill people.  Wrong.
  5. Most killings could have been prevented–most people are not killed by stray dogs, most of the dogs are owned.
  6. Although we do not promote or even like the dogsbite site, it is good for one thing, and that is to let people know that people can be killed by any dog if the right circumstances are there–and if you look at many of the cases, in most instances these were not “stray” dogs doing the killings.  They were dogs in someone’s family, yard, and houses!
  7. AR activists always say whatever they want, without ANY regard for backing up the facts—this is always their most definitive method, because NO one usually even QUESTIONS  their crap………..HSUS is typical–they just leave out the truth and ignore it!!!!
  8.             If one has ever READ HSUS lawsuits—they do the same thing in the lawsuits.  They talk about all kinds of things, but leave out the facts. When HSUS filed lawsuits in Arizona to prove that “commercial kennel animals” were defective and that they were sold without background information, HSUS lost the case!                                                                                                                                             —-We knew HSUS would then HSUS embarked on taking ALL the AR groups and telling them to push, push, push the closing of “MILLS” so that no one would want to “buy” the mill animals.  Well, that forced them to go “city by city” and over the years, that’s exactly what they did. Has it stopped shelter killing? Hell no!  People don’t even put their dogs into shelters anymore, they just sell them.  Usually the shelter dogs are stray dogs these days.