Rescue/Shelter “Sales”Will Prove Our Point Over Time..Too Many Returned…

Unbeknownst to many who have NEVER bought a rescued or shelter animal–many of them are returned, especially if they are not puppies. Shelter animals are a high rate of return, and rescue returns are often just given up to shelters without telling shelter it was a rescued animal. <<The FUN part is down below–so make sure to get PAST the PLAGUE part to understand how bad rescue dogs can actually be sometimes!>>

As experienced rescuers, we know most of the stuff that goes on. Many people who write about rescuing have never done it. They just talk about it.

Few people will GIVE their decent animals away. They SELL them.

Many dog show people think they know about “rescue”, but basically they only know about “their breed”–thus their knowledge is actually limited. Elitist.  Most of them won’t set foot into a shelter for fear of bringing home some deadly disease and killing their own dogs or pups.

In actual rescue, groups can pull from shelters or get from private owners. They can caravan to other states and bring home God knows what with them, such as disease.  Yes, dogs can carry the plague— you didn’t know that?  Since April 1, 2015, a total of 11 cases of human plague have been reported in residents of six states: Arizona (two), California (one), Colorado (four), Georgia (one), New Mexico (two), and Oregon (one). The two cases in Georgia and California residents have been linked to exposures at or near Yosemite National Park in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Nine of the 11 patients were male; median age was 52 years (range = 14–79 years). Three patients aged 16, 52, and 79 years died.

At least 4 people  got the  plague from dog(s) or other people in Colorado.     ” An investigation led by Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) revealed that patient A’s dog had died recently with hemoptysis. Three other persons who had contact with the dog, one of whom also had contact with patient A, were ill with fever and respiratory symptoms, including two with radiographic evidence of pneumonia.

“Specimens from the dog and all three human contacts yielded evidence of acute Y. pestis infection. One of the pneumonia cases might have resulted through human-to-human transmission from patient A, which would be the first such event reported in the United States since 1924.”   Not a good sign!!!!!  and Oregon….

Plague, caused by Yersinia pestis, is enzootic among rodents in the western United States. Humans can be infected through 1) the bite of an infected flea carried by a rodent or, rarely, other animals, 2) direct contact with contaminated tissues, or 3) in rare cases, inhalation of respiratory secretions from infected persons or animals. In September 2010, the Oregon Health Authority reported the first two cases of human plague in Oregon since 1995 and the only two U.S. cases in 2010…..hmmm? And let’s not forget–ARs feed wildlife– especially squirrels (and squirrels can carry the plague) plus many,many other terrible if squirrels are in your yard, get rid of them and definitely don’t have your dogs out there.  In fact we had a crazy AR squirrel nut who kept feeding bags/bags of peanuts to squirrels to point that she was threatened with a nuisance lawsuit because she would not stop; there were squirrels everywhere–roof, yard,street, trees, patio, ground–tons of them. After the legal notice, she seemed to have stopped. But we keep diligent watch.

 >>>>>>>The pneumonic plague is the most dangerous of the three with a 90 percent fatality rate. This form develops in the lungs, often because those who contract the disease wait too long to receive treatment or are not prescribed the correct antibiotics, according to New Mexico Public Health Veterinarian Dr. Paul Ettestad.

This outbreak highlights:

1) the need to consider plague in the differential diagnosis of ill domestic animals, including dogs, in areas where plague is endemic;

2) the limitations of automated diagnostic systems for identifying rare bacteria such as Y. pestis; and

3) the potential for milder plague illness in patients taking antimicrobial agents. Hospital laboratorians should be aware of the limitations of automated identification systems, and clinicians should suspect plague in patients with clinically compatible symptoms from whom P. luteola is isolated.          In other words, no rescuer is going to likely notice plague symptoms because they wouldn’t have a clue what the potential symptoms are to begin with?????            

Dogs from Private owners who have some smarts is probably better than shelter or rescued dogs from out of state.

Shelters are notorious for outbreaks of disease which can’t always be controlled. Animals get hurt by other animals. Vaccinated animals may not have immunity/step on disease brought in by purchasers who walk in with it on their shoes. Disease in shelters spreads super fast and is not always containable. Like the time in the Lied Shelter, Nevada, disease spread far and wide and HSUS told them to kill ALL of the animals–and they did. Maybe just under 1,000.  Rescuers will lie about where dogs came from. Why should they tell you anyway?  Why would anyone want to FIGHT other people just to get a damn dog? HUH?

When people figure out that some rescues and some claimed rescues are actually just ripping people off (because they could have gotten the same dog on Craigslist for $40 but paid $250 for it)– they won’t be so happy when they find: (this is just a casual list off top of our heads)……… the dog is not behavior trained, not potty trained, won’t eat the food you buy, doesn’t like you or your kids, hasn’t been tested as good with all animals, has not been in a dog park, hates cats, refuses to be crate trained, likes to bark at everything and won’t stop, can’t stand to go to the vet and must be sedated, doesn’t like your relatives and keeps tearing up your furniture, will not follow your commands because it has never had training, will run up on other animals and try to either dry hump or attack them, barks at all hours of the night until you want to kill the animal, won’t make friends with other dogs or cats, or just plain hates all cats/birds/other living pets, is extremely jealous of every single person getting attention, will continue to nip at kids, will continue to try and bite your hand because you don’t do it like his former owner did, will never listen to YOUR commands because you either are doing it wrong, or he doesn’t understand WTH you are teaching, will refuse to go potty where you say to go, will use your furniture as a bed even when you say no, will not acknowledge you as alpha because ARs teach them not to respect owners, animal was taught by AR to always be right, so when you try and correct it, the animal doesn’t understand and does it backward by ignoring you, will hate food you give to it no matter how expensive, because the AR rescuers let it eat anything it wanted, OR  will eat more, far more, than it ever should, and will gain 20lbs just because you can’t stop it, will not oblige you when you want to take it in car because the AR owner prior allowed it to roam anywhere, except the car,  won’t stop humping you or kids because the AR owners allowed it because they wanted to take videos and that animals are always right–humans are always wrong–, will insist on sleeping in your bed even while knowing that this practice is both unsafe and not recommended by vets who tell the truth, despite being fixed, will continue to dry hump you and furniture, run after anything that moves, and hates being on a leash, will never sit still, chews all the wood in your house and is generally a freaking pain in the ass?  and did we mention will bite anyone who comes in your house???

Then there was the time in a Bay Area Court, we polled the jury: how many of you have known someone who was bitten by a dog? ALL hands plus the alternates went up! Then we asked the question–how many of these bites were by rescued dogs? Again, ALL of the people’s hands went up!! We were astounded. We figured maybe it would be 50%. Nope. 100% !!!  Not a good sign.SHEEP AND DOG AND GUY

Animals from rescuers are not free. They cost more than they should and you must disclose far more information that is not needed. We would never give up private information that is non essential just to “maybe” qualify for some mutt. Forget it.  Just buy a damn puppy and save yourself a lot of grief.