Own Animals? What to Do+NOT Do…

What You Should Have/not have…

Several signs that indicate Surveillance Cameras. For front and Back. Sides of House if necessary, since the Open Fields Doctrine means anyone, especially AC, Humane officers (aka HOs) –are known to go to neighbors and into open fields next to your property, to spy on you. At least one sign should be posted somewhat close to the front door where any law enforcement can see it.  Our experience is that even if posted at a gate, it is helpful; but the front door area is almost a requirement. And if you actually do sell pets out of your house, for sure you need indoor cameras. [* Note– yes, No Trespassing signs are good. Not that in the country areas they take notice LOL– but the CAMERA signs they most definitely do. We were told by sheriff/PI that when they approached/saw camera signs/cameras, they didnt push gate open–it wasn’t locked either.]

Most HOs and other officers do NOT want to be caught on camera doing wrongful things.

More than one computer– and your phone is considered a mini computer of sorts. It’s very easy for HOs and police to simply take all of your household records. You likely will never see them again because when they take them, they won’t list them. If it’s not listed on the Return for the Seizure, guess what? You aren’t getting it back in most cases. Never leave your very important documents in a file box, file cabinet or desk.  We have known people who had these documents in a safe, and then the police actually hired the Fire Department to break it open. Guess what? You need a warrant to break open a safe. NO warrant, means illegal seizure. Our client also got all of his guns back.

Encrypted Email– Using regular email is OK but anything you really don’t want people to know should never be stored on a computer or phone. And thus if you must use email for something that is private/or financially related–never put it on either your computer or phone at all. Encrypted email would require a subpoena and if the encrypted account is not even accessible to the encryption people themselves, it will be harder for anyone to get the data. Take a hint from radical ARs that torch places-–they don’t use computers, cell phones, phones, email,etc. at all. Whatever they do is not electronically traceable.

Paperless Office– this is fine if you have absolutely nothing to hide or don’t care if your data gets taken. However, when things are backed up they have to be stored somehow.  If you want to find some small devices that can store terrabytes, that might work.  Just don’t lose it and lay it around the office or house. Cloud storage is just another method of mass storage and is subject to subpoena as well. Then if they try and interfere with the cloud storage, it also will likely get corrupted and you will lose it anyway.

Vet Records– as long as your vet has the records, you probably don’t need the records BUT since there is a law in CA that the HOs can’t just get vet records–they normally need to get a court ordered subpoena under the Business and Professions Code.  If you went to a clinic that only keeps track of giving shots such as rabies, they will definitely have the records on file that your animals were vaccinated. If you bought the shots yourself (not rabies shots) then keep the receipts; if you paid cash, you will need the receipts. AR rescues like to accuse people of not having shot records. Don’t keep anything for animals which can be misconstrued as something you could use to kill them with. Like kill solution.

24/hr Access to an Attorney–  Legal Shield (formerly Prepaid Legal)– based out of Oklahoma, offers for about $20+ a month, a legal plan that covers basic letters/consultations on legal questions plus more; for like $3 more a month, you can have 24hr/access to an attorney.  We have known clients traveling out of state and in CA that have used this 24/hr feature–the attorney does call back quickly as they are on rotation to make these calls as they occur. Also, our recollection is that they have a more expensive plan for businesses as well. Without a doubt, because we have sold this plan to the general public, and have used it ourselves– it’s worth every penny and much more.

Stay off of Facebook– Facebook is extremely intricate and so is Google. Unbeknownst to many people, it’s very easy for both of these entities to have cross over links which are already tracking every move you make, especially if you have those apps on your phone. In particular, if you forget to log out of one, and the other is then opened, it will pop up by itself without you even logging in.  This is becoming increasingly widespread with both apps and online programs.  You can use a VPN on your computer/phone and will likely need help setting it up.  Facebook (which we hate) is basically good for spreading bad news about which idiots did what stupid actions and then got caught. It’s good for catching bad people and spreading the word. We find that Facebook is both non professional, juvenile, stupid and Jerry Springer material. Which means it can help in lawsuits for digging dirt on groups. So for that aspect, we recommend it. Facebook is like a magnet for the TRULY stupid, movie stars, and the like. Spreading your personal problems online is something idiots do. If you are truly an idiot, you shouldn’t be owning an animal.

Teach Others About Propaganda/the Truth about Activist Groups– don’t keep it to yourself.  Ask all of your friends to each send the information to 10 more friends they each have. Then tell them to tell their 10 friends TO DO the same thing.  

If enough people do this, we won’t have many seizures that happen because people will eventually wise up and never let people or police into their homes without warrants. They will take steps to ensure any crap that AC or HOs use against owner, are either  recorded or photographed.

SNITCHES are very well known in animal rights cases– because MOST cases stem from neighbors with big mouths, complaints;  people that have nothing to do and read PETA sites, or those that watch Animal Planet and other AR based U tube crap.  Learn to inform YOURSELF about the known truth: Animal Control, and any group that has the word “HUMANE” in it, including food products (“humanely raised”, etc.) are all profiteering on the unsuspecting public. Many non profits are involved in things you would never know about.  For example, HSUS invested in microchip stock.

If they (groups, businesses, non profits) get help from large “HUMANE” groups–which are commercial entities in our opinion— you are adding your money to those groups!

Those “HUMANE” groups get sponsorships/money from online sites. For example, HSUS people (even experts) publish online sites on food, health, farming, health food/animal issues….you would not have a clue HOW many are out there?  Remember–HSUS itself had over 4,000 online pages for just their OWN site.  Duh?? Go look at major pet food companies. Online, they have partnered WITH AR groups— WHY??  BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE GENERAL POPULATION IS DUMBED DOWN BY FACEBOOK AND AR GROUPS, AND THEREFORE AFFILIATING WITH SUCH GROUPS WILL BRING RETAILERS MORE $$$$$$!!! Do not buy any pet products if possible, which AFFILIATE or promote HUMANE GROUPS. For example, PEDIGREE decided to FOCUS on RESCUED animals.  AKC decided to drop Pedigree, since show dogs are never rescued animals. Good move!!

Think carefully about receiving all your mail at your HOUSE—that makes it a public record of where you live, PLUS it’s recorded at the County Recorders. Your vehicle is not recorded at the county recorders, but via DMV–DL, VR, and ANI. If registered to a mail box but not your house, it’s much safer.  You may not know that your information is usually listed online and just about anyone can find out who you were married to, your relatives, your houses, and far more. Although we pay for services like these, there are some free services also.

Pet Stores that are AR based—PETCO is AR based, out of San Diego. PETSMART was bought out by an equity group from ENGLAND–home of the original Animal Rights. A pet store that won’t sell prong collars or a muzzle — is AR based.  If the majority of the pet food industry brags that they CARE about animals and denigrates other dog food brands for example, that is an AR product– for example Blue (like in Blue Buffalo).. do NOT buy AR brands hawked by HSUS or any other AR group. They likely get money for product sold. They likely invest in those companies and then hawk the product. NO, NO, NO.