Understanding AR Stupidity+Propaganda They Promote 24/7

http://www.bedlamfarm.com/2016/04/18/another-farm-under-siege-animal-rights-and-the-war-against-the-farmers/  (this guy is NOT AR…. not after the ARs came after him!!)

..recall, ARs denigrated this author above, when he chose to put down his dog that kept biting people? kids?

Personally, a dog that continues to bite people is not something anyone should own and biting should be reserved for police dog or guard dog status. And let’s recall that shelters in the USA ROUTINELY put down animals because they can’t get homes OR animals are too sick, have bitten people, harmed other animals……….YET the same shelter personnel will SELL and adopt out animals that later kill babies and children; one such animal was selected by AC personnel we believe, and put on “Pet Finder” and was adopted by an older lady. That dog, an alleged purebred dobie, then killed the new owner.  The dog below also killed a person.  Clearly it’s not a dobie.


OR  in San Diego, the SD Humane Society adopted out a wonderful terrier that they apparently diagnosed as perfect with babies and children, since they sold such dog to a dumb family with a baby; that family let this full size dog sleep with themselves/baby, guess what? Dog bit the babies head and killed it?

That shows sheer stupidity by both the SD Humane Society who wouldn’t know how to test an animal properly obviously, and a very  brain dead AR family who was stupid enough to choose such a dog they didn’t know, and then place it near a BABY?????? —Just an aside—shelters/rescues are almost never responsible for selling animals that later KILL people !!!!!!! Go read the dog site online by the dog attorney who goes after dog owners which kill people? (see below)

Unknown to most, animal rights people and activists, who lack knowledge of animal husbandry, breeding, and common sense, are probably most often harmed by animals since they simply have no knowledge of what they are doing. ALL dogs are not worthy of being “re homed, re rescued” or re- anything. MANY animals are given away because they are dangerous, not worthy, have terrible behavioral issues, and will never be normal pets, no matter what you do to them.

And most ARs are emotional basket cases, liberals, and stupid enough to buy into the crap known as animal rights. The people who voted for Hillary is where most ARs would fit. No matter what they say about Trump.

FROM DOG BITE ATTY SITE (https://dogbitelaw.com/animal-control-liability-for-dog-bites/animal-control-liability-for-dog-bites)…Warning–this attorney hates pit dogs and most large dogs or dogs that are black listed by insurance…he was probably attacked by a dog in the past is our guess…we could be wrong of course…

The requirements for suing any governmental agency or employee, however, can present difficulty to the dog bite victim. A memorandum of law must be drafted at the outset, specifying the legal grounds on which the plaintiff will rely. Generally, an animal control agency can be sued only where it breached a mandatory duty set forth in the state, county or city law, or where it had adequate notice of the dangerous dogs, the authority to remedy the situation, but failed to take appropriate action. The plaintiff is required to notify the city or county within a short period of time following the attack, and to file suit a short amount of time after being informed that the city or county denies liability (which they always do). One should expect that the government then will attempt to defend itself by using all of the immunities that the law provides. For more about the doctrine of sovereign immunity, see Governmental Immunity.

For more opinion and information about whether the existing animal control laws protect our communities or make them less safe, and what to do about that, see Make a Choice: Animal Control or Animal Uncontrol