ARs–HaHa!! Court Rules Chimps NOT Granted Legal “Personhood”

This was and is one of the most asinine attempts by the same attorney that has kept pushing this issue for like, forever?  If they started with “chimps”, it would then be the same effort on down the line….gorillas, birds, horses, dogs, cats, things with four legs? …then it might even go to dolphins?

As is well known, legally, animals, regardless of how “smart” they may be, and despite the emotional facet that all ARs have attached to any animal of any kind, the fact is that such animals will NEVER be people.  The fact that ARs have tried for many decades to bring about “personhood” to animals, the obvious ramifications of that insane belief does not sit appropriately either in legal terms, nor in real life facts.

ARs continue to try and say people should not OWN animals, that people should only be “guardians”, and that is taken from the child welfare/institutions code….obviously. ARs want us to believe  an owner is a “pet parent.”  People are NOT pet parents. The word parent implies that being an owner means you are the same as the parent of a CHILD.  An animal is NOT a child.  The fact that some people treat animals like kids indicates a disconnect in that person’s reality of facts.99e9c_funny-animal-captions-animal-capshunz-the-wrong-side-of-the-forest

Reality is distorted by all communication— TV, internet, and all other forms–movies,etc.

ARs use all forms of propaganda to push their belief that animals are actually the same as people— and that we should treat them as such, by not killing them, not using the products gained from animals, not using ANYTHING that involves animals (fur, glue, food, etc.)  Obviously, ARs do not believe in the Bible (we need no explanation here) and they are almost all liberals who believe in most deviant behavior (if you are familiar with the Bible then you know what we are referring to..)

We are thus extremely happy that at least the Court which threw down the ARs claim that “chimps” should be granted personhood—- failed.  And the AETA (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act) is still intact.  It is doubtful that the Supreme Court would find the AETA is not constitutional and would likely not hear such a case even if submitted.

Here is the PDF of the decision.  Chimps Nonhuman-Rights AR Wise 6-8-17