How Giving Up a Dog Makes You a Monster–according to AR Opinions


Lena Denham has been showing off her two new puppies, Susan and Karen, everywhere from Instagram to the Tonight Show. So her fans were wondering what was up with Lamby, the rescue she adopted in 2013. The Girls alum gave them an answer on Wednesday: She gave away the troubled pup in March.

“A lot of you have been asking where Lamby is these days since he’s always been the star of my gram and I’ve been posting pics of my poodle girls,” Dunham wrote. “Well, you know honesty is my jam but this one has been really heartbreaking to talk about. But I feel I have to share that last March, after four years of challenging behavior and aggression that could not be treated with training or medication or consistent loving dog ownership, Lamby went to live at an amazing professional facility in Los Angeles @matt_thezendog where an awesome person named @therealdanishay (who is educated in a rescue dog’s specific trauma) loves him so hard.

1-got-this With 2 exceptions,  ARs piled on in denigrating her for giving up the dog:

    • Rehome… a new word created by shallow millennials to let themselves off the hook for ABANDONING their pet and shirking their responsibility. When you take a pet in it is a lifetime commitment. Their lifetime.

      Another reason to dislike this human.

    • Giving back your dog for whatever reason is WEAK!! I’ve had two golden retrievers. My first golden was almost the perfect puppy. My second golden retriever was the puppy from hell. He didn’t listen, charged us in the house, tore my shirt and even bit my hand to the point I was bleeding a lot. This was all before he was 7 months old. It’s was so bad, that we needed to get professional help. I found a trainer 70 miles away. We drove there for the first visit which was free. He explained what needed to be done. The trainer kept him for a week. We went back each weekend for an hour or two of training. This 140 mile round trip to the trainers facility went on for seven more weeks. It’s was more than worth it. We learned a lot. Our golden retriever is 3.5 years old now and the greatest dog ever. Never, ever give up on your pets.

    • What does she mean by peeing in his own mouth? Was the poor pup so abused previously he did that to keep his confines clean, or he had no water? Jeez I hate animal abusers.

    • Stop making excuses for giving up ur dog so everyone can “forgive” u!!!. U sux! There’s no way around it!!

    • This action is going to make this poor dog even more insecure. I have a bird who bites and was sick when I purchased her. My sister-in-law told me to return her. I would never do that! Our home is her home until she dies.

    • Lena, you are a cruel, ugly POS!

    • I have taken abused dogs in for years.They come with baggage, but there , hasn’t been one that could not be trained , with love & patience.It took one year to completely potty train one kept in a cage for fives years.Now he is sociable & a little doll..There were others worse , but they turned into loveable members with my pack . That poor dog, will have a hard life, being tossed from home to home.Hope she doesn’t get anymore, didn’t help that little one a bit.

    • Another jerk dumping their dog off. I guess it makes her feel better she has money to pay someone to take the dog off her hands. BTW…I have one of these difficult dogs. Someone dumped him off and never came looking for him. Even before I was attached to him I felt guilty dumping him off at the pound so I kept him. He’s darn lucky too. Not many people would have put up with his issues.

    • We found a cat on Halloween on Trader Joe’s parking lot on Route 1 in NJ. He was very sick and abused. It took a lot of love and still does, but would we “rehome” him? Heavens no. He is now with us in AZ where another cat found us. She was left to fend for herself by her previous owners who had moved, without her.

    • Nasty woman. Of course she gave up and passed her problem to somebody else. The dog is very lucky to have another home hopefully with more exercise and less smothering.

    • I’ve always thought she was a selfish pig. Now I know it.

    • So she bailed on her pet. #$%$.

    • “the queen of honesty”? she is a low-life with mental issues. I wouldn’t trust her with a stuffed animal! such a pig, too!

    • Love the fact that she is so hard-up for attention, she broadcasts her entire bizarre life to the world, including molesting her sister. After finding that out, the left made her their queen. Media prostitute, nothing more.

    • Puppy was probably forced to watch episodes of Girls

    • I didn’t like her before and now I like her even less. Selfish cow!

    • Lena you are a horrible worthless human being. You should never ever be allowed to have another animal. Animals are NOT disposable.

    • I don’t believe that lying #$%$. Her level of commitment to a pet leaves much to be desired. I hope the dog peed on her carpet before she abandoned the dog to a “Professional Facility,” most likely a dog shelter where they’ll just euthenize the poor animal.Can you think of a worse place for an animal, with dispassionate Professionals? Locked away in a cage, in a facility that just locks the doors and turns off the lights at the end of the day.Lena Dunham is a pig.

        • I wish someone would rehome Lena Dunham. TO ANOTHER GALAXY. One of the most annoying, irritating and utterly pathetic people on this planet. Why she is famous I’ll never understand.

        • [Here is one of the few exceptions with some common sense!!}
        • If the dog is aggressive, then I can’t fault her. Aggression is one behavior in dog’s I will not tolerate. I can’t risk my safety and the safety of others. Plus, I don’t want to be sued. Luckily, my rescue dogs do not have any aggressive tendencies.

        • She is a disgusting child molester.

        • The dog is lucky to get away from this train wreck. I bet his mood and behavior have already improved since her bad energy is no longer around him. Dogs know when they are stuck living with a nut case.

        • does the writer even know the person she is writing about? the queen of honesty? this is the woman that made up rape claims that wrecked a innocent mans life. she molested her sister. how do you people look up to her. she is the lowest form of life

        • {One comment with some common sense among many with none}
        • I have fostered dogs with severe behavior problems. I have had to retrieve dogs from adoptive homes that simply could not handle the dog’s behavior even though they really wanted to try. I don’t know about the rest of this woman’s life, but in a case like this sometimes you have to recognize your weaknesses and acknowledge that you need help or you did not choose the right dog for your skill set. This seems to be a case of someone who adopted a dog who is very cute but had serious behavior problems. She tried for four years to help the dog work through these problems. Whatever she was doing did not work, no matter how much she loved him. It seems he has even attacked her or her partner.

        • Sometimes when people try without knowing exactly how to help, they may inadvertently make the situation worse. At least she acknowledged, “Hey, I love him but I am not having any success at making him happy. I need help.” On his show, Caesar Milan has suggested that certain owners give their dogs up to him or a colleague of his because they just weren’t having any success in remediating extreme behavior. It doesn’t mean they don’t care. It means they care enough to recognize that there is someone else who is better equipped to help the dog get some peace. What’s the alternative? Years of the dog being off balance and unhappy and making the entire household the same way, but hey at least I kept him/her even though he/she is miserable and I don’t know how to fix that. Another alternative is keeping the dog and isolating it to protect yourself and family members and visitors (isolation because a dog is vicious is no way to live) or becoming frustrated and yelling and screaming or worse. A fourth alternative so many people use is to turn the dog over to a shelter that will opt to euthanize it because of the extreme behavior. She did not do any of those. She chose to seek out someone who is skilled at working with her dog’s specific issues. Now he is much happier and mentally healthier. Apparently all of these commenters are secret dog whisperers who can completely turn around a severely traumatized dog.

        • Just another irresponsible POS that wanted a dog as bling and it didn’t work out that way. She has enough money she could have easily paid a professional dog trainer to work with the dog. What else would you expect from a self admitted child molester. She is one of the most disgusting people ever!!!

        • She is a talentless pig.

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        • Lena Dunham is the queen of hateful, sexist Feminist #$%$ She is a putrid excuse for a human being. Feminism is a hate group. Lena Dunham is an exemplary example. Feminists are hateful people.

        • Rehome a dog. Thanks for the new millennial term. You are a #$%$ or ri-tard depending if you are a fan of the cinema.


    • She even treats male dogs as disposable tools.

    • Most shelters have their adopters sign a contract saying the animal is to be returned to them if it doesn’t work out. Also I’d think you’d at least hire a trainer to work with dog before rehoming him. If he’s “dangerous” in a regular home situation then you’ve essentially put someone else in danger. But that’s just my opinion.

      In rare instances there are good reasons for rehoming a dog. This sounds like one of them. Whoever rehomes the dog, if the dog is going to a rescue or sanctuary, should also give the rescue or sanctuary a hefty donation.

    • How does a dog dog “pee in their mouth.” What an absolutely weird thing to say.

    • My sister was notorious for having a different dog every 6 months. Their not fashionable accessories to get to match a purse. Sad sad

    • She would have aborted had she had the chance. She probably sold him to a nice boy in a Chinese village called Yulin. “Send me pics guys!!” Fookin idiot

    • She didn’t “rehome” him she dumped him because she didn’t want to do the work to take care of him. A pet is forever, until their last breath, if you can’t commit to that then get don’t get one.

    • she probably molested the dog too!

    • Horrible woman. Inside and out. She has all the money in the world to take care of the dog’s problem

    • I have a feeling if someone else did this, she’d publicly shame them.