Another Lawsuit: Attorney Owner of “pitbull” Sued…

New York condo-pit-bull-complaint

Here we go again (LOL like the song…) This lawsuit included the video of an attacking dog we presume, it says that’s what it has??

Of course, we would all think of this question: had the dog NOT been identified AS an actual “pitbull” but instead, they called it some other breed type– GSD, Rottie, Mastiff, Dobie???  Would there be a lawsuit then??  Probably so, but it would not likely spur the reaction that “pitbull” seems to create?

As is known, even the law in Ohio where “pitbull” dogs were formerly deemed inherently dangerous— has been changed. Such dogs are not deemed inherently dangerous now.  It is a known fact that actual APBTs (American Pitbull Terrier) were purposely bred to be animal aggressive and not human aggressive.

Many people keep saying  “’s all in how you raise the dog” –but in fact, how one raises a dog does not mean one can out train dog on dog or dog on any other animal aggression… many dogs simply are wired as animal aggressive, period.

The problem is that many people don’t even know their own dogs very well. Or they are not very cautious with their own dog’s behavior. People watch that dumb animal planet show and other TV nonsense and think they can control their dogs….

We have experienced many different dogs that do not usually exhibit aggressive behavior, but only in certain circumstances will they suddenly become aggressive— if this has ever happened to you as a dog owner, then you know what we are talking about.


Even when two dogs pack up, it’s not a good situation. 3 or more, you have a bit of a nightmare on your hands.  The key is to always make sure that you do not find yourself in that situation.  Don’t take your dog to a dog park or the pet store. Even if your dog is socialized, we don’t recommend taking it everywhere. One never knows what other dog owners might do.  Many of them are AR owners that wouldn’t know how to train a dog, and their dogs are a substitute for a kid, and they let the dog do anything the dog wants to do.  We believe owners own the animals, not vice versa.