Petco Not Liable for RAT BITE FEVER Death!? Not right now…

Basically, a kid obtained a rat as a pet from Petco and he later apparently got an infection known as rat bite fever..and he died…..the parents sued Petco for $20million, and pre trial judge ruled that strict liability for a defective product could be used as theory of law.

“The rat that killed Aidan appeared safe, but was in fact defective and dangerous and defendants failed to adequately warn of such dangers,” the lawsuit stated.

However, the jury found that Petco adequately warned consumers of the potential dangers of rats, and instructed them on how to handle the rodents safely.“They did what they could to prevent any kind of spread of disease,” James Wigdel, the jury’s foreman, told the Union-Tribune.

The jury in San Diego concluded that Petco was not negligent nor was the rat supplier.  The parents’ attorneys are appealing the case.