Not Enough “Shelter” Dogs to Give People What they WANT…

2017 PIJAC et al Study Not Enough Shelter Dogs10012017_00000

Basically what was learned is not to believe the constant dribble from non profits like HSUS and ASPCA and the lot….their estimates are always overstated or understated and never based on facts or actual data. Instead they are always claimed estimates. And they are always in their favor, not surprisingly?

The fact is, and always has been, that people will buy and obtain what they want, if they can afford it. So if they can’t afford a purebred or designer mutt then they are out of luck and are forced to get something they may not really want.

But as we are experienced dog rescuers, we already know that rescues FIGHT to get desirable dogs to SELL— and they can even buy them to sell??? There’s no rule against that.  That city of San Diego ordinance was and is still illegal unless it drastically changed. We doubt it has changed. San Diego is too stupid and has created a real nightmare with most things down there. We wouldn’t doubt if most radical activists still come from San Diego since there was and still is a hotbed of radical activists in the area, even the law enforcement is aware of it.

In California it has long  been proven that most of the dogs killed in shelters are either aggressive, too elderly, too sick, or too untrained–OR–by no fault of their own–they are generic pitbull types that no one wants.  The fact is that the lowest income areas always have the most shelter animals, period. That will never change. The lowest income areas always have the lowest student grades. This is not rocket science. So one would think in Los Angeles, they would target the low income areas for altering? Since that’s where all the surplusage dogs come from?  BUT NO….. instead they pass mandated spay neuter and no one does it? So it changed nothing at all.  Way back 10 years ago, Los Angeles was stupid enough to believe they could be “no kill” in 4 years.  Yeah, yeah, yeah. Idiotic.

Los Angeles will NEVER become no kill because they don’t alter 70% of all dogs, period. And it’s the dogs from the low income areas that keep them at that level. Rather than focusing only on those area, Los Angeles does the opposite and outlaws the sales of dogs,cats,etc. for everyone. Now everyone has to find a shelter animal from a rescue.

Hell, the only thing that does, is to PUSH THE CONSUMER INTO BUYING A DOG ONLINE FROM ANOTHER STATE!!!!!!!!  Stupidity comes from listening to animal rights like HSUS  ASPCA BEST FRIENDS  PETA and their ilk.  It will never stop.

It’s a perpetual gravy train of income for them. balaclava Nothing but self serving bullshit.

——————————————————————————– Do not adopt. Find your own animal and buy it from an owner, breeder or someone out of state. Do not help non profits who pay no taxes, yet engage in interstate commerce, but try and force you into doing what they want you to do.  Ignore the bull from AR idiots and get what you want.