What Really Happened at the Grace Foundation El Dorado Hills?

What really happened at the Grace Foundation? Exactly what we said that happened. All of those idiotic local online newspapers in el Dorado area, taking Grace’s side were basically supporting someone who took illegal money for herself, when it belonged to the so-called “non profit”, and then told stories about how great Grace was, when it was not at all. Grace’s reputation was ruined long ago, despite Beth De Caprio pimping off those animals and playing with other donors money???

Grace didn’t go through with her lawsuit, [she didn’t show up for court and a bench warrant was issued…] the bank attorney blamed her even after both banks donated thousands to Grace, the bank attorney won his defamation case against Grace [not that he deserved it], and Grace was evicted from the 600 acre “ranch” that she got for one dollar per year……but the important part IS–that the original owner (Bennett) of the good horses that Grace took allegedly from Lassen animal control via the bank’s receiver– and where GRACE claimed those horses were starved or tortured on lived with bone carcasses, or had no food —was 100% cleared as to the alleged “animal abuse”–64 counts originally—  GRACE claimed Bennett was an abuser (when he did no abuse at all); and GRACE, via Beth De Caprio, simply made hundreds of thousands of dollars off that case. The Grace Foundations 990 tax forms were not updated last we saw in 2014? 2015?

Her legendary videos will never be erased, because the case had 37 pages on Google worldwide. De Caprio was offered about $850k to settle her stupid case and she wanted many more millions and turned it down. Instead, she got nothing.  But now, one of the officers that was parceling out those Grace horses is going to be in some hot water for engaging in illegal seizure herself, if it’s true about the lawsuit we heard about??

If one reads about a “seizure” these days, they usually are NOT what you think they are, and the stories are not usually truthful. In Grace’s case, they fail to mention that Grace was NOT running a proper 501(c)(3), she had no board of directors, and was simply keeping the money she took in. Her own former vet even turned against her. That ought to tell you something. PLUS, she tried to attack the horse owner’s attorney in the court house in Sacramento and had to be forcibly removed (she should have been arrested!)

Animal rescue group woes leave El Dorado County saddled with 91 horses 

JANUARY 03, 2015 05:23 PM

UPDATED APRIL 01, 2015 07:30 AM