Alleged “PM” in Northern Calif…

Yeah, yeah, yeah…..just because the Speegle poodle case came out of Butte County doesn’t mean ‘busting’ a breeder involves whatever they claim….we already heard the owner was offered only X number of dogs back if she pays X dollars? And their seized animals are going to be “given to rescue” groups??

The local laws only allow up to 5 dogs without a kennel license. A kennel license locally requires thousands of dollars just to APPLY and one is not guaranteed a license, and no refunds are given. This is different than a USDA license which has changed due to the laws under the Feds changing years ago when the ARs worked their way into USDA by having an HSUS  person obtain a job inside. The entire landscape of selling animals like puppies has changed quite a bit over the years, because ARs want to make it either illegal, or so difficult that people give up. In fact ARs want no breeding, no buying, no selling, and they want to make all of the $$ for themselves in sales of animals and products?  Or haven’t you noticed?


Again, here we go with seizure money maker for whomever………..we were already contacted by owners (satisfied buyers) and will help volunteer time and legal help if needed.