Why Animal Law is Difficult

The difficulty is mostly due to two things— it can cover many types of law, such as civil, criminal, and in between (like bankruptcy, divorce, domestic violence, retail, non retail, fish/game, business and professions codes, business laws governing certain trades, legal aspects of certain cases involving first amendment rights, there are many, many possibilities…)

..and as Mr. Karp explains, and he is an animal rights attorney, valuation and even product liability issues can arise. We are very aware of this. Often most attorneys who do not handle animal law issues do not know who or what they should do for referrals of such cases. Even a criminal law specialist has told us, “there’s nothing you can do” which means, there is no ordinary remedy at hand. And that is true.

But ordinary and animal law issues don’t usually go together so much, as many animal law cases are created because of animal rights people–and they have admitted, they have to really think hard to figure out how to gain rights when there aren’t any?  HSUS has pushed a lot of these issues but it’s too bad that HSUS is not really ethical to the point that they are 100% credible.


That’s impossible because they are actually focused on making money, getting votes, and being political.

Even though clearly they are not in compliance with non profit regs when what they were really doing was influencing governmental entities, they were not saving animals per se, since when they were at Katrina all they did was make millions for themselves and then couldn’t account for the actual money that was supposed to be for the animals? (they raised supposedly over 30million and could account for about 7million?) They never went to jail. Nothing happened. They built an animal shelter in Louisiana so they could kill more animals apparently.