Las Vegas Dumps the AR “Puppy” Ban 2 months Prior to Scheduled Date!!!

Las Vegas city council members voted to repeal a ban on retail pet store puppy sales….

pet store

The Las Vegas City Council originally passed a ban on the retail sale of non-rescued dogs, cats, and pot-bellied pigs in January of 2016.

Under the ban, retail stores could only source pets for sale from approved rescue organizations and shelters and place them for adoption in the retail environment. Consumers wishing to buy a non-rescued pet could still purchase directly from breeders.

The ban, which was scheduled to go into effect on January 6, 2018, would only have affected two stores within the city – Puppy Boutique at Rancho Drive and a Petland store at Rampart Boulevard.

But, less than two months before the ban was to take  effect, city council members voted again, this time to repeal the ban and continue to allow stores within the city to procure and sell animals from commercial breeders…….

WE ASK YOU THIS–-WOULD THIS BE PERHAPS BECAUSE PETLAND GAVE LAS VEGAS SOME GOOD REASONS WHY THE LAW THEY HAD PASSED WAS NOT A GOOD LEGAL IDEA and that Petland’s attorneys (which are pretty darn good from what we have seen so far) set Las Vegas straight???

Could it be when CA set up their own “no puppy sales” ban

for the entire STATE, that Las Vegas saw the chance to


*There is no sales tax in Nevada.

We seriously do not believe that Petland is about to close down in every state in the USA. REALLY.  Especially if Petland was there before the law changed. petland map locator

Petland is an interstate commerce store, to save time from having to get into the entire interstate commerce law and case law…we can do that at a later date. Actually, breeders that routinely sell their products (a puppy is a product generally, it is personal property–so all things like fish, birds, turtles, snakes,etc. sold in pet stores are property/are taxable sales) are usually taxable. [There are many exemptions which we won’t go into, you can get free data from the tax board online.]

We are just THRILLED that if PETLAND did what we think PETLAND did, then we say congratulations!!! Legally speaking, the pet store case (AZ) was a big deal, and it appeared Las Vegas attempted to circumvent potentially something that might be issue-laden for them…. It’s  NOT because we love Petland or hate Petland, but because legally, we think Petland is correct now, and was correct in Arizona when they beat the HSUS “puppy” bullshit lawsuits they filed. It also appears that PIJAC got involved with informing the local government, and then the government stated that they had been misled by the animal activists?

The government is almost ALWAYS misled by animal activists because the activists seldom tell the truth. Once they latch on to a mantra (such as don’t buy while others die, puppies are not products, adopt don’t kill blah blah blah) we get the drift— it’s all emotional drivel and normally not any facts. If they do have facts they simply use propaganda to push them.

The fact is that ALL animals are property. Only in certain smaller countries (Switzerland,Germany for example) have human rights been assigned to animals. Clearly in the USA– human rights will likely never be assigned to animals. To do so, would open Pandora’s box to millions of animal rights lawsuits galore, and any personal injury attorney will know that. PETA spent 2 years trying to make a lawsuit claiming whales had the right to be free of slavery. Whales are not people and do not have those rights under the U.S. Constitution. PETA filed that case in San Diego and lost, but at least one can see what their claims were, if one wanted to read the lawsuit. We can imagine how bad the Judges were laughing at the lawsuit, it must have been a real hoot to write up the verdict that there are no anti slavery rights for whales. Must have been hard to keep a straight face.

It is a law now in Arizona, that one cannot prohibit the sales of animals (like puppies) from commercial kennels.

There should be no need for that law, yet we can see that some states are smarter than others, and California is not one of the smarter states as evidenced by its continued over the top, far left attitude which has sucked the state dry, resulted in nothing but mounting debt, and half of the state wants the coast and So Cal to drop off into the ocean!!

Therefore we are still with Petland on the legal issue of what they do, which is run pet stores via franchises. Even though all of the AR groups say otherwise, and even if not all of the puppies are ‘perfect’ — it is still not a crime to have such a pet store since the federal law still allows for commercial kennels, no matter what anyone says right now.