It’s Not Illegal- Confederate Flag–on Your Property. #2-Cell Phones/Kids

Simply put, there’s no truth to the claim that President Obama has outlawed the sale or ownership of Confederate flags or other items bearing an image of such. This is nothing more than a fake news item: the President did not issue any such executive order, nor did he amend the U.S. Code (by any means) to expand the definition of hate crimes to include possession of Confederate flags.

Real News, Right Now has appeared on the pages of before as a purveyor of fake newsvia a web site that carries no disclaimer.

Their fictitious article about a ban on Confederate flags and memorabilia was just one of at least three prominent Confederate flag-related items  to circulate widely in the same 24-hour stretch, along with one about Amazon’s ousting Confederate flag merchandise from their site but allowing ISIS flags to remain, and one about the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign (and the 2012 Obama campaign) …..

Basically the ultra left has managed to help ruin the economy, wreck sales of many things, cause way too much money to be handed out like it’s candy, encouraged too much spending when there is no money, let regulators run amok, [CA is a great example of what not to do]…insurance companies have deserted the state of CA, premiums have doubled or co pays have doubled, allowed way way too many poor people into the state that should have never even been allowed [we are already poor enough] and then brainhead Brown says California is now a sanctuary state?

Except for the CA weather– there’s not much left to be said for why the state is good these days. Too much dumbing down by allowing children to be ruled by cell phones and devices, including FACEBOOK, have damaged many, many kids. Kids are killing themselves and unable to compete because they all think they are not good enough?

The competition is–no joke–coming from using too much FACEBOOK and too much social media, snap chat, Instagram, you name it. A kid is very vulnerable as a teen–and when “everyone else’s kids” are all doing it, most parents cave in. This is the exact thing which is wrong.The more time teens spend looking at screens, the more likely they are to report symptoms of depression.

Because kids don’t get to meet other kids very much, they use their PHONES 90% of the time. They are more content with a phone? Well, it’s already shown in a giant study, that PHONES and too much internet, and no social skills is killing kids?  If you only can read ONE of the articles–PLEASE look at the very first one below–it explains it in plain English–and it’s no joke.

Damaging kids is not something we want to promote. Because kids are MORE moved by what they see on their PHONES than what you TELL them, that means kids need to get away from the PHONES and get out with some adults who can steer them effectively.  One way to do this is to promote taking care of animals properly BUT not like animal rights does..

4H is encouraged, and baby chicks, rabbits, and small animal raising, birds, turtles,amphibs, fish, etc should be encouraged. It is still legal to sell chicks at Tractor Supply and fish at the pet store.

It may get to be illegal at the rate the ARs are outlawing everything…..562903_658291870872250_1521959964_n

Teach kids/grandkids that animal rights is wrong but that common sense is ok.  We also recommend that KIDS NOT have full service on their phones, and not own such a phone until age 14. If they have a phone the service should be limited by parent by turning off the internet at certain times that the parent thinks kid should not be on the phone. It’s sad but true that without doing anything, way way too much is happening to kids. Several of us (attorneys) work directly with kids in social welfare context, and just plain volunteer stuff.


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Psychologically, however, they are more vulnerable than Millennials were: Rates of teen depression and suicide have skyrocketed since 2011. It’s not an exaggeration to …. One study asked college students with a Facebook page to complete short surveys on their phone over the course of two weeks. They’d get a text …


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Nov 14, 2017 – study published Tuesday in the journal Clinical Psychological Science finds that increased time spent with popular electronic devices — whether a computer, cell phone or tablet — might have contributed to an uptick in symptoms of depression and suicidal thoughts over the last several years among …

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Problematic cell phone use, including cyberbullying, may play a role, researchers speculate. … Published Nov 16, 2016Depression rates among adolescents have spiked in recent years, especially for girls, according to a new study from Johns Hopkins University. Researchers aren’t sure what’s driving that rise, particularly …

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Dec 1, 2017 – Surveys show cell phone addiction is on the rise and a new study adds to a growing body of evidence that smartphone and internet addiction is harming our minds — literally.