Florida May Deny Cities or Counties the Ability to Ban Sale of Puppies by Pet Stores?

Florida lawmakers are considering an appropriations bill that would deny local units of government (cities and counties) the ability to ban the sale of puppies by pet stores and void any local laws that currently do so.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the language is part of a $350-million tax bill and “would bar local governments from prohibiting the sale of taxable personal items that may lawfully be sold anywhere in the state,” including puppies and kittens.

Seminole County recently adopted an ordinance that bans the sale of dogs and cats at pet stores unless the animals were obtained from animal shelters or rescue organizations. The article indicates that more than 60 counties and cities have implemented similar restrictions across the state.

As we have LONG stated, it should be illegal for states to “ban” sales of puppies and force pet stores to ONLY offer sales of rescued puppies, shelter dogs, or non profit animals??

If there was ever a bad LAW, we can thank HSUS, ASPCA and the AR Propaganda team including BEST FRIENDS of Utah/Los Angeles…..which are dedicated to stopping sales of animals, especially puppies.


They want NO puppies sold unless THEY are selling them, and if they are selling them, then exactly where did they come from?


Let’s see: Seizure, illegal seizure, from breeders, from Craigslist, from neighbors, from ads anywhere offering the animals?  this pretty much means if a “non profit” or “rescue” goes out and buys animals, they can buy anything they want if no one catches them.

Then they can resell them quite quickly and make their TAX EXEMPT PROFIT.  We know of a group selling pets, many of which are puppies, and the “rescue” non profit place we believe, owns the entire shopping mall. (We researched it..)  For example the rescue store selling animals is next to Chase bank at the mall? and then the CVS Pharmacy and discount 99c store is there????  Hello???

They  located the puppy store next to a bank in the mall. they then use the parking lot and show all the animals (remember, we believe they OWN the entire mall….) The owners are from Southern CA, probably like Laguna Beach or close, and they have a TON of puppies and small dog breeds????? The shopping mall is maybe $35million bucks? Probably more?

The big question is—where are they getting all these animals???? People have been known to attend the animal “rescue” events and the dogs are stolen by people?

This is insane because as former rescuers, we know that desirable animals are not just there for the picking– one has to really search for them, and they are not free.