HSUS bashed by Chicago Democrat Lawmaker- Surprising–What Now?

Chicago has long been a pusher of HSUS and HSUS crappola. for many years.


This reads even better than the excellent resolution passed in South Dakota condemning HSUS lobbying activities. You can read the full text below. If you want to say thank you, Rep. Burke’s email is burkedj2@ilga.gov.

WHEREAS, According to the tax documents of the Humane Society of the United States, as well as other independent analyses, the national organization renowned for animal rights donated less than one percent of their $132 million budget to help care for actual animals in 2016; and..

WHEREAS, This information differs from the impression people are given by their late-night commercials, which depict animals in distress and in need of help; the end result is that people who want to help innocent animals are baited into donating their money, which in turn is used to help pay for the six-to-seven figure salaries of executives, and the frivolous law suits of local pet stores, zoos, and hardworking farmers; and

WHEREAS, These financial revelations about the Humane of the United States, along with the allegations of sexual assault against their former CEO, bring into question whether the organization is truly living up to its mission, advocating for the rights of animals; and

WHEREAS, Members of this chamber should be encouraging the residents of Illinois to research other local humane societies that are completely unaffiliated with the National organization; residents of Illinois will find that these independent humane societies do not receive many donations and rely primarily on dedicated volunteers to care for the animals; and

WHEREAS, Unlike the Humane Society of the United States, local independent humane societies prioritize assisting animals in our own communities, especially those that are abused and neglected, and ending animal abuse; these local organizations are where we, as residents of Illinois, should donate our time and money; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE ONE HUNDREDTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we admonish the Humane Society of the United States for their disrespectful work culture and lack of commitment to supporting animals; furthermore, we ask anyone who supports animal rights causes to support their local independent humane society instead.



WHAT IS WIDELY KNOW BY US AND THOSE WHO KNOW ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS:  HSUS passed many, many bad laws starting around 2006-2008 and later; few if any of those laws have been quashed. Widespread damage via bad laws, and bad propaganda saturated the internet for years. ASPCA then helped carry it forward. TV reality shows featuring AR beliefs became household beliefs.

To eliminate that now would be near impossible, but if more awareness set in, people wouldn’t be afraid to “buy” a dog or a pet RATHER THAN to “adopt, adopt, adopt” as there are not enough dogs that people can “adopt”, especially purebred dogs. There NEVER will be enough of those because they normally are not thrown in shelters unless something is wrong with them. Zoos and pet stores would not be targets, nor petting zoos, rodeos and pig rasslin’, and far more.