Chicken Cages HSUS Really About Bacon…see 2018 SCOTUS Update..YES the Chicken law of CA is at the United States Supreme Court now

People: We were right then (2002,2008,etc.) and we are right now.

The entire BS of giving chickens/all animals this, that and the other a la “HSUS”,ASPCA and other AR groups who try and force vegan lifestyle,no whales, no elephants or large animals,etc…..they have a right to not like it, but they don’t have a right to force us to go along with it.

And they pay NO TAXES, ZERO, NADA,ZILCH, but they try and micro-manage everything people touch, or try to touch. They have ousted petting zoos, breeders,rodeos, circus, animal exhibits,pig rasslin’,the list never stops.

They bully people at chick filet (restaurants),they try to burn down McDonalds, they set Harris Ranch trucks on fire (14 trucks we think), they beat up breast cancer scientist’s husband and hit the kid too, did arson to their house, they (SHAC7) took down entire business system by blacking out all the fax machines (that was b4 high speed internet), YES they went to federal prison;  the U.S. government has kept the “AETA” federal law intact (because it’s against terrorism directed at animal enterprises) and now it’s illegal to buy a pet that isn’t rescued or from a non profit????  HELLO???

For anyone that can’t see the harm or damage in any of these actions, you people should move to some outlaw country where all they sell is drugs. Like cartel drugs. You would likely not live very long.

A dozen states are banding together to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to block a California law requiring any eggs sold there to come from hens that have space to stretch out in their cages.

Missouri Atty. Gen. Josh Hawley said Monday that he plans to file a lawsuit on behalf of the states alleging that since California’s law took effect in 2015, it has cost consumers nationwide up to $350 million annually because of higher egg prices. The suit argues that California’s requirements violate the U.S. Constitution’s interstate commerce clause and are preempted by federal law.

A federal appeals court panel rejected similar claims last year in a separate case brought by six states, ruling that they failed to show California’s law would affect more than just individual farmers.

The latest lawsuit seeks to address that, by citing an economic analysis of the California law. It also asks the Supreme Court to take up the case directly- instead of requiring that it first move through the lower courts.

Hawley, a Republican who is running for U.S. Senate in 2018, is leading the lawsuit. Other plaintiff states are Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah and Wisconsin. All have Republican attorneys general except Iowa, which has a Democrat.

The California attorney general’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday.

California produced about 5 billion eggs and imported an additional 4 billion from other states in 2012, according to the lawsuit. Of those out-of-state eggs, 30% came from Iowa, the nation’s top egg producer. About 13% came from Missouri, the second-highest percentage cited in the lawsuit.

The number of eggs produced in California dropped to 3.5 billion last year despite rising nationally, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Missouri’s egg production was up 60% since 2012, at 3.2 billion last year.

Hawley said in a statement that California’s egg law is “a clear attempt by big-government proponents to impose job-killing regulations” on other states.

California voters approved a ballot initiative in 2008 that requires that hens in cages spend most of their day in spaces large enough that they can lie down, stand up, turn around and fully extend their limbs. The measure gave farmers until 2015 to comply.

After California egg farmers raised concerns that they would be put at competitive disadvantage with those elsewhere, state legislators in 2010 expanded the law to bar the sale of eggs from any hens that weren’t raised in compliance with California’s standards. [Note–the real reason was so all states would be competing equally/not cause a commerce clause issue, but nonetheless, when almost 25% of the eggs are affected because 12 states claim to be affected, it would seemingly be affecting commerce nationally…]

The California law cites concerns about protecting people from salmonella and other illnesses. [HAHA that was an HSUS ploy not proven by any science whatsoever…]

But the suing states say such health concerns are unmerited and merely a pretext for protecting California’s agriculture industry.  (Hohoho–reality is that the law doesn’t protect CA consumers at all; it only makes for higher prices..and less people BUYING OR

EATING EGGS; eggs are allowed for people who get food stamps, THUS it means that taxpayers end up paying more to the government who doles out the food stamps EBT cards?)     The lawsuit cites a study from a University of Missouri economist who concluded that the national price of a dozen eggs has increased between 1.8% and 5.1% since January 2015 because of the California cage requirements. The study said the price increase has added thousands of dollars annually to states’ costs for supplying eggs to prisoners.

The study also estimated that California’s egg regulations have cost U.S. households up to $350 million annually, including about $97 million for those whose incomes are in the lowest one-fifth nationally.

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Post Originally published in 2014, and in 2018, the HSUS law is at the Supreme Court of the USA !!!!!

States Fight California’s Chicken Cage Law. But It’s Really About Bacon