Time Passes but HSUS Remains TAINTED!!

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HSUS Settles One Lawsuit, Gets Slapped with Another

HSUS –kinda still rated a C or D as far as non profits go…………..

and……………… https://www.humanewatch.org/hsus-settles-one-lawsuit-gets-slapped-with-another/    

This case doesn’t involve alleged sexual harassment, as one might expect, but rather texts HSUS sent out in support of a ballot measure it was lobbying for in California. The suit alleges HSUS spammed texts in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, an act meant to keep telemarketers from sending unwanted and endless phone communications.

According to records, the case appears to have been settled out of court for undisclosed terms. The lawsuit had sought a payment of $500 for each text.

But the lawsuit that out did HSUS–was their racketeering RICO case involving the elephants from Ringling Brothers, where HSUS helped perpetrate apparently, fraud involving claimed elephants, over many, many years in federal court….see https://www.humanewatch.org/hsus-and-co-defendants-pay-15-75-million-in-racketeering-lawsuit/

Sadly, the real losers in this case are the thousands of individual donors who gave money to HSUS thinking that they were helping local animal shelters, only to find that their donations are footing the bill for HSUS’s mismanagement. Pacelle may be gone but his horrible reign of lobbyist and fraud actions will never, ever, ever be forgotten by animal owners or even former donators to that sham that call themselves a charity.