How and Why You’re Guilty!

..Going to try and summarize it for y’all out there…remember, this is what the seizure people actually do to those who are usually innocent.

Brigade of animal seizure people instructions to their lame brain cohorts:

Did owner (rescue, rescuer,keeper, guardian, whoever) have more than 3 of anything (kids, dog, cat, baby, bird, etc)?  If yes, seize all! Call your animal control friends/snitches/make up the story immediately for publication! Especially Facebook,Instagram,and new rescue fake apps……..

Did owner (rescue, rescuer,keeper, guardian, whoever) have a clean, fairly clean or reasonably clean area, crate(s), litter boxes?  If YES, then tip them all over and add poop or shit to them [for the fake picture scene], take the photos, and THEN seize everything, including personal property, money and valuables from the property! If there’s cash, maybe just steal that and don’t even photograph it!

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Did owner (rescue, rescuer,keeper, guardian, whoever) have an outside garbage bin with plastic bags?  if YES, then take all of such bags and carefully sort through them for refuse and poop that was thrown out, then using gloves that you will get rid of elsewhere, take the amount you need to smear everywhere on the floor, rugs, and walls, and even crates if available!!!!!  If available, take recycle bins and also the cans, and plastic, and drag it around the flower bed dirt or coffee grounds, then carefully throw such things all over the former animals’ living quarters!! Oh yea, and make sure to take the pictures in dim light!

Did owner (rescue, rescuer,keeper, guardian, whoever) have a garden hose outside?  If YES, then make a pile of dirt if possible outside, and mix in water. Then carry such buckets or cans of the mud inside, to spread around the floors. Then using dry material or newspapers, slide around in the mud so as to create the appearance of disgustingly dirty surroundings. Engage the inner child!

Did owner (rescue, rescuer,keeper, guardian, whoever) have file cabinets containing personal vet records?  If YES, immediately steal the vet records! Wear gloves while doing this of course!

Did owner (rescue, rescuer,keeper, guardian, whoever) have personal files of their credit card bills, checks, or personal data?  If YES, seize ALL of it to gain data on these loser owners! You can always fabricate crap from valid data!!

Did owner (rescue, rescuer,keeper, guardian, whoever) have, or seem to have, anything like medicine, pills, marijuana or even drugs–anywhere? Unmarked pills? Pill boxes? Chemicals?  If YES, overturn and spill it all out and mix up the things, OR, get a heavy item like a rock, and smash some of the stuff; then, mix up the smashed things and strew them about carefully. When we say carefully we mean, don’t make it so obvious that no one will believe it??? Like maybe just put it near the dog, cat or people food? In the dog crate? Ensure the photos will be realistic before the fake publishing!

Did owner (rescue, rescuer,keeper, guardian, whoever) have Facebook postings? If you don’t know, you didn’t do your pre seizure work!

Find their Facebook posts or ads, and carefully note what they said; then, using your network of seizure snitches, carefully reconstruct the crappy photos you took earlier, and make your own new Facebook snitch posts, showing the huge messes and illegal scene of non habitable animal crates, dirty surroundings, etc. and make sure to send it far and wide, including to HSUS and ASPCA for good reach !!!  Oh yeah and don’t forget “Best Friends” that rip off group!                 (If you work really hard, you might be able to out-do Beth De Caprio formerly of the horse “rescue” ranch [Grace Foundation, shut down/investigated by Attorney General]  up near El Dorado Hills [which was seized from her; including the animals;] the attorney general would not give out data; her 990 tax returns stopped approximately in 2011, even though its common knowledge she went on Good Morning America to show off her puppy who was the size of a cell phone?) that she secretly or not so secretly worked with that mortgage bank attorney and where the animal owner of the horses was acquitted of claimed abuse? There never was any animal abuse!

But remember, putting out fake stories means the Internet never forgets:

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SO— Remember—-when illegal actions by seizure brigades are done, they are usually well planned and sometimes financed because they steal your shit or money!! And you can’t prove they did it!  Having secret cameras hidden inside and outside is recommended.

Actually if you have enough signs both inside and outside which warn of hidden cameras, the animal seizure brigades will probably not choose you as a TARGET–unless you are over the top blatant and not careful online.  We know all this because we had nothing to hide but were targeted for YEARS,  we later used double gates and locks and won in court when accused of whatever it was they filed, but the AC failed to testify on the stand [she was sitting there and seemingly at a loss for words?] Can’t recall exactly what the ticket was for, but it was not a valid claim.