Ignoring Animal Control in CA Can Have Dire Results

It really doesn’t matter if you are a “rescue”, “breeder” or otherwise; typically if you own more than ten animals, and animal control keeps badgering you in California, you better get ready to either disperse with them, have a great vet that will show you took care of them, or have a hoard of witnesses that will be willing to prove you did not harm any animals, basically?  A case from San Diego involving mostly “rescue” dogs was done several years ago, and while it was not published, the case indicates that when a vet and other credible witnesses are readily available along with other evidence, it is possible to show there is no actual harm done to animals which were already in a degraded state before you got them.

Unfortunately, if you do not have the vet, the witnesses, or the proof that such animals were , in fact, in the present condition when you took them in, or when you found them (let’s say they were dropped on your property, or you got the animals “as is” from a pound)– you better have all that proof from the get-go…and if you are already a target because AC (animal control) has hounded you prior, or tried to set you up– you are headed for big time trouble.  Animal activists love to set up anyone who has at least ten animals, but it’s ok if THEY have tons of animals since activists raise $$$ from hoarding animals as a ploy for donations, duh???

In case one doesn’t understand–activists want to pounce on your animals so they can seize them, then brag about it, go on TV/news, raise money off your animals and make you end up in jail? If you never did what animal control wanted YOU to do, and they end up seizing all your animals, poof!! You are instantly and nearly already convicted due to the way that CA Penal Code 597.1 is set up via statute.

If you had an attorney long before they took your animals, and if you had a vet that would take your side long before they take your animals, and if you had documented each/every condition for every animal, with photos/vet records, your chances of surviving an illegal seizure are definitely increased. AC has a bad habit of making small issues into giant issues so that you will appear guilty; they love to lie about almost all aspects so that you will appear guilty on the surface. It doesn’t matter if you are the best native animal healer, rescuer, or just owner in the world; without the vet, the records, and the proof of each animal’s condition BEFORE the seizure, your chances (against activist animal stealers and their lies) are not going to be high, and it is rather probable that they will charge you criminally, and usually they go on TV and Facebook to add more lies?

Numerous cases involving dogs, cats, horses, rescue dogs, purpose bred dogs, birds, and farm animals  prove the same thing over and over. California animal seizure law, especially the section where “seizing” animals without a warrant and with a warrant are concerned– is illegal as applied when there IS a warrant. The reason is because, when there is a warrant, one does not get any hearing at all. It is presumed that at the magistrate stage, a judge has signed and authorized such warrant for seizure?


We have already seen in at least 5-8 cases (some with, and some without warrants) that animals are routinely seized, fabrications are used for online stories both by AC and rescuers, such people then gain huge donations and fleece the public and the stories make the owners/rescuers appear guilty? We have first hand knowledge of dogs, cats, kittens, birds, horses and other species— where purported “rescuers” wanted the animals, so they just teamed up with others to end up taking (stealing) the animals, usually by lying, setting up sting seizures, etc. We even know of cases where they also take the minor children and give the kids to CPS? At least in one case, thankfully, the child was finally returned and moved to safety.

The larger the number of animals one has, the bigger a target you become for a bigger story, a bigger payout for AC, a bigger bad case? In most cases involving cats, dogs, horses, puppies,etc. the owners with about 20+ animals are easier targets for animal control. Assuming there is no actual hoarding going on, and even if every animal was properly taken care of, animal control will STILL charge owner with violations of the code under PC 597/597.1, and they will still seize the animals. Even if the purported seizure process was flawed (which it usually is)– they typically have enough liars throughout the system to take people down.

So, as seen several years ago, when animals are seized with a warrant (whether good, bad, ugly) and even if the accusation is only that the animal was tied out on a non moving object (as opposed to a movable trolley line) — you will usually be charged with PC597 or PC 597.1, whatever they feel like saying? It might not be a felony charge, BUT you (according to the code) are not entitled to a post seizure hearing if a warrant was used.

There are specific circumstances which might change the scenario (maybe AC decided to listen to attorney Wagman and give you the post seizure hearing for some strange reason?)  It’s a long and dirty story as to how we know this, but be assured, we definitely know it and heard it first hand and saw the evidence as well.

And, not to brag, but, it is true that one of us on board, has done one of the few cases in Hollywood involving a post seizure hearing, and we did win the hearing. It is doubtful that many people in such situations would ever want to talk about such a case, and we don’t blame them. We also gain first hand knowledge of AC and CPS taking the kids along with the animals. Typically AC will put you in a vehicle or where you can’t see anything, then they raid your property and you never recover what they seized. You may not even know what they stole from your house?

The only way to ever prepare against any of this, is to not have too many animals. And if you insist on keeping a lot of animals on the premises, you better have every single animal’s vet records, and photos, NOT stored on your premises. We have first hand knowledge of AC setting up scams INSIDE owner’s home, by having the clean up worker sneak in and then making an entire mess of everything in the house? It’s quite easy to do especially when there are numerous litter boxes. Juries love to convict in cases where AC testifies that you are a hoarder, or have too many animals (even if a “rescue”) even if the animals are not in bad shape, form or otherwise. For dogs, they normally just use some form of trickery by putting poop somewhere in the house, then smearing it as far as they can. Or they make up fake pictures by setting up the stage for it, then claiming it looked like that when they got there?

Although the rescue raids may have diminished over time, the bad law has not changed. Illegal seizure is illegal seizure, whether the bad law is enforced or not, it’s still illegal seizure. It’s always been asset forfeiture, with or without fines, with or without hearings. With the bad law of course. And now, one can’t even buy an animal from a store these days, UNLESS it’s an alleged “rescue” animal. Oh, we get it, buying the rescue animal means you aren’t buying the animal. You’re “rescuing” it. What a shitload of crap. There must be millions of  terribly stupid people in California. Just sayin’………………..