We are Looking for Client Who was Bamboozled by PC597.1 using Ploy of Warrant and no Post seizure Hearing Given….Everything was Taken

The reason for this is because under the code as mentioned above, AC can seize everything and NEVER (repeat… N-E-V-E-R)  ever, give you a hearing, according to their belief as to the code.  https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=PEN&sectionNum=597.1

However, having first hand knowledge of how that code is interpreted, we already know it is not legal as applied.…..especially when a warrant (even a bad one, a fake one, any at all) was used.  We want to change the code so that this statutory law is not applied incorrectly, and we want a published decision.  PUBLISHED. We say this because when certain animals were seized in Placer County, a bad warrant was used AND then no post seizure was allowed, and attorney Bruce Wagman claims if anything, it’s the Legislature’s fault? LOL, no, it’s his fault because he likely made the wording himself; it’s not obvious, but since he helped write the entire code,  it’s fairly evident it was done like that on purpose.  Defense counsel (criminal law specialist) stated as follows:

….if this statute is interpreted to deny clients all their due process rights, it will be declared unconstitutional in a further proceeding ….

and how we know this, is because the criminal law specialist did not know that the statute itself was actually written as a forfeiture statute; that he had to ask us (animal attorney(s) why this law was so screwed up, and was there anything that could be done?  That just proves what we have said over, and over, and over.

Animal zealots and animal rights idiots simply want people to lose their animals. It doesn’t get more simple than that. Recall, PETA does not believe HUMANS should own, use, possess or do anything with any animal or insect alive, including termites, ants, mosquitos, etc. In other words humans should not eat any animals or kill insects, or rats, for example; nor use any animal products, or anything that uses an animal product.

Ingrid Newkirk admitted she used to kill dogs in the pound to stop the suffering, and she worked overtime to kill even more? It’s obvious that PTSD has resulted in her making money off of dumb people?

PETA believes animals are better off dead than owned by humans, hence that is why they take animals IN–so they can kill them. That is why they have huge freezers.  They lie to take people’s animals in order to kill the animals. How sick is that—–we can’t even believe it’s legal to do that, because in reality it is not. People do not give animals to PETA to be killed, but they don’t realize that PETA will kill the animals.  We are surprised that ANYONE in their right mind would even support PETA at all. Ever.

It won’t be published until someone is denied their rights under that code. We have such a case but the parties or party is not interested.  SO IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO SUFFERED A TOTAL LOSS INVOLVING THAT CODE, AND EVERYTHING THEY OWNED WAS SEIZED, TAKEN AND REMOVED WITHIN THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS, WE MAY BE INTERESTED…..IN HEARING FROM YOU.  It must be in California and it should be fairly new case, and there should be a warrant that was used, good, bad, ugly, doesn’t matter.  We already know that the party who helped devise the code in question is aware that we are looking for a case; that would explain why he has told people (animal control) to give a post seizure hearing (but then they will deny it of course….)  we don’t give up easily or quickly—and we are not giving up any time soon.