When ARs Steal,Burn Down, Invade Your Farm, Business?

https://www.consumerfreedom.com/2019/05/will-the-irs-crack-down-on-animal-activists/  May 14, 2019

Consumer Freedom filed a complaint  in May, with the IRS and FBI regarding PETA and two California-based groups called Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) and Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. These are radical groups lobbying to dictate lifestyle decisions on Californians–and we believe these organizations have abused the nonprofit tax code.


  • Direct Action Everywhere breaks into farms and terrorizes farmers. The group has also intimidated shoppers at Whole Foods, Chipotle, and other businesses. Its actions may well be in violation of the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. The group’s activists are facing criminal charges in several states and may have violated the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. DxE is a network funded by a tax-exempt charity called Friends of DxE.
  • Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation has been accused of leaving dogs to die horribly in Asia instead of rescuing them—the group’s supposed charitable mission. Its executive director also served time in California prison for felony kidnapping.
  • PETA has given tax-exempt donations to fund the efforts of Direct Action Everywhere, according to its most recent tax return. PETA has also given money to the Earth Liberation Front (considered a domestic terrorist group by the FBI) and to defend an arsonist who burned down a university laboratory. PETA activists have also been arrested on numerous occasions.

These groups have been involved in lobbying for fur bans in California, at the local or state level. But make no mistake. This radical lifestyle dictation from PETA and other extremists won’t end with fur. These activists don’t believe people should be able to buy leather, wool, and other clothing derived from animals. They don’t want people to be allowed to buy a hamburger. PETA is even against owning pets.

While everyone has free speech rights, harassing people and getting arrested aren’t legitimate nonprofit activity. It’s time for the feds to end the charade and hold activists accountable.


The AETA is still there…………….

Pretty much, when AR activists try and burn down mink farms, burn up cattle trucks, and the like, they are in violation of the AETA (Federal law…on animal enterprise terrorism) and when and if they are caught, they usually end up in federal prisons asking for vegan food………the sentencing is not short term.

In 2011, in Blum v Holder, five animal rights activists challenged the AETA as an unconstitutional infringement of their free speech. Their lawsuit was dismissed last year after federal judges ruled that the activists had no standing to bring the case.

In the terrorism indictments of Johnson and Lang, the duo are accused of driving across Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois in August 2013 and “interfering with the operations” of a mink farm and a fox farm. They were alleged to have “intentionally damaged and caused the loss of real and personal property” resulting in “economic damage exceeding $10,000”.

Animal activists who freed 2,000 minks lose U.S. appeal

. REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago refused to dismiss the indictment and conditional guilty pleas of Kevin Johnson and Tyler Lang for violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in connection with the August 2013 incident.

Prosecutors said Johnson and Lang, both from California, broke into a Morris, Illinois farm that raised minks for sale to fur makers, removed fencing to help them escape, destroyed cards to identify their breed, and spray-painted “Liberation is Love” on a barn, causing between $120,000 and $200,000 of damage…


It is possible that if such activists targeted breeders of an animal enterprise (raising dogs, cats, cows, horses, etc.) or some other related animal enterprise— the owners could plausibly try to use the AETA.  The law was purposely drawn up for the reason that activists have in fact, bombed, burned, targeted, and taken down businesses selling animals? Unless there is actual violence, theft or arson, the AETA law will usually never be used.

Which is why you seldom see pet stores selling baby animals, and if it’s in California, only rescued animals are supposed to be sold. (To be honest, we believe that pet store law is rather illegal, while it is true that they won’t allow animals sold to be anything other than rescued, rehomed, etc.– it is the sourcing of such animals as seen in San Diego law years ago–that is highly questionable, as any group, rescue or non rescue, can buy an animal and resell it as “rescued” regardless of sourcing. The sourcing, selling and sales were allowed for ALL groups–shelters, rescuers, non profits–but an actual pet store was not allowed to obtain (source)  an animal at any source it wanted to use. Even the city attorney agreed that the law was very poorly written and subject to being found illegal. We did not stay in San Diego for that, we moved so do not know what happened later.)

Animal rights activists take credit for burning of Harris Ranch cattle trucks

Animal rights activists are behind the burning of cattle trucks at the Harris Ranch truck lot early Sunday, according to a statement from the purported arsonists.

The statement, released Monday, describes how the fire, which heavily damaged 14 tractors and several trailers, was set and says the attack was aimed at “the horrors of factory farming.”

Spokeswoman Nicoal R. Sheen of the Animal Liberation Press Office, which released the statement, said the office doesn’t take part in illegal actions but distributes communiques from those who do.

Fresno County sheriff’s spokesman Chris Curtice said detectives are looking into the claim. He would not comment further except to say “that was one of the directions they were looking into anyway.”

The fire started just before 4 a.m. in the truck storage area at Highway 145 and Interstate 5. Several tractor-trailer rigs were engulfed in flames when deputies and Cal Fire personnel arrived. It took about 45 minutes to put out the blaze.

The cost of the damage has not been released.

Harris Farms is one of the nation’s largest family-owned agribusinesses. It is California’s largest cattle feeder, beef processor and beef marketer.

According to the statement released by the Animal Liberation Press Office, “containers of accelerant were placed beneath a row of 14 trucks with four digital timers used to light four of the containers and kerosene-soaked rope carrying the fire to the other 10. … We were extremely pleased to see that all 14 trucks ‘were a total loss.’”

The statement boasted that “despite guards, a constant worker presence and razor wire fence, the enemy is still vulnerable.”