Understanding How the Supreme Court Dissected a Bad H$U$ Law+Got Rid of It!!

US V STEVENS 08-769  The bad law which was done by H$U$, and then given to legislature,  attempted in reality, to squelch the showing of any type of depictions of animal abuse in the entirety; and it is not that difficult to realize, that if H$U$ got its way, most tv shows, movies, books, and any sports magazines, and even maybe cartoons and comic books, not to mention the Internet, Facebook and a host of millions of other things–would all be either removed as illegal, or lawsuits would spring up across the USA claiming everything was illegal because it was claimed “abuse..”



This case, which we have widely talked about in the past, never gets old.

The reason is because it shows the devious nature of how H$U$ will design laws that people don’t even understand, much less realize how wrong it is???

Thankfully, when right thinking people analyze the shit that H$U$ designed, at least the Courts usually can find that it was all wrong.  However, local governments seldom notice that anything at all is wrong. The local government probably wouldn’t recognize a free speech issue at all, and they will often even miss due process issues.  When the subjects overlap, as they often do, then the analysis becomes more convoluted. Fortunately, the Supremes have a pretty good way of making it clear.