Please note, this site only allows you to visit two of their searches, and otherwise it is on a paid for basis; they are a non profit that consistently urges prison reform. How said that only a group trying to help people with their own rights, would be one of the few to even take the animals’ side? No thanks to PETA, HSUS and the rest of the AR idiots. Let’s not forget how well HSUS did with Hurricane Katrina–HSUS did not raise $31 or $37million for “the animals..” as they claimed….in FACT, they could not even account for where they spent the $$$$???? After numerous investigations, and having failed to account for the MILLIONS, HSUS build an animal shelter for local area. Presumably to kill more animals we would think??????

In case you do not understand the AR mentality, ARs believe nearly all animals have rights that are actually far higher than that of humans. While some humans are definitely bad, and some animals are not all that great, laws for animals vs laws for humans do not exactly belong on the same exact page. If you do not understand this then you are likely an AR yourself and lack protein sufficient to keep your brain intact. Amen.