Word Up! Emotional Support Dogs… and What “about” that fur Coat?!

We heard that emotional support dogs may be no longer allowed on airlines, nothing final yet……………https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-proposes-tighter-rules-for-emotional-support-animals-on-flights-11579720969

Airlines, passengers and disability rights groups have argued for years over the distinction between service animals and emotional-support animals.

The DOT said it wanted to make sure people with disabilities can continue using their service animals while also reducing the likelihood that passengers who want to travel with their pets could falsely claim them as support animals. Under the proposed rule, animals that provide emotional support, comfort and companionship would be treated as pets rather than service animals.

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The rule would also crack down on what airlines have described as passengers’ increasing attempts to fly with unusual animals like ducks, pigs, iguanas and even peacocks for emotional support. Carriers have been imposing their own limits on the types of animals passengers can bring for support, in some cases banning specific dog breeds, such as pit-bulls. While the DOT proposed limiting service animals to dogs, it said carriers can’t disallow certain dog breeds as service animals…



California outlaws new fur sales with first-of-its-kind ban

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**HMMM… so does that mean, if one wants to buy a fur coat in California, that one may not actually “buy” this new coat, and then wear it on a plane, as one flies to Alaska?? Or does it mean, one cannot buy a new fur coat, used fur coat, or any fur coat at all? Or maybe you didn’t buy it, someone gave it to you? If aimed at fur stores only, then it’s obvious that they are targeting stores, not individuals (cough*&^!@#$%) yeah right!

—-  I  D  I  O  T  I  C ?—-  ….Under the AETA, if one breaks into a mink farm and releases all the minks, guess what? You go to prison, maybe for 17 years? But buying that mink fur means it’s illegal????

We didn’t bother to read the BS law because if we really wanted the damn coat and could find one to buy, we would buy the coat! The uber liberals in CA have, as usual, simply added to way too many laws, when instead they should be figuring out how to lessen the numbers of homeless people???  Why worry about a fur coat when people can’t even live but yet they are allowed to use the streets as a toilet??? It’s called stupid liberals that’s why!!

Oct 12, 2019 – SACRAMENTO — California became state in the nation to ban the sale of clothing and other products made from fur on Saturday, as Gov.

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California is first state to ban the sale of fur clothing, beginning …

Oct 12, 2019 – California is a leader when it comes to animal welfare and today that leadership includes banning the sale of fur,” Newsom said in a statement.
Hmmmm……..well, we certainly didn’t vote for Newsom.