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JusticefactorX  is a community based group, and has been working in the background on California cases for years without publicizing the work, as a community based group— often working in tandem with other groups, law library contacts, the Facilitator’s Office in various courts, and with law students who are interested in serving the community. Since publication started, JusticefactorX is a 5 star rated business online ( type in justicefactorX on Google) and in Sacramento, appointments are done at the Sierra Oaks Executive Office, and the Chippendale location ( off Madison Ave.)  by appointment only. One of our key workers is a law school grad that formerly worked for a personal injury attorney, and our paralegal has worked for various attorneys over the past 20 years; our researcher has successfully filed pro se appeals (without attorney) to Third District Court of Appeals, Sacramento, all of which were accepted by the Court. (Appeals Courts typically accept almost no pro se litigant appeals, with a turn down rate of over 90%)

//~*For animal owners, livestock owners, kennels, pet related services, etc–JusticefactorX has ability to work with  attorneys familiar with animal law, but not involved with helping animal “rights.” Common cases involve seizure, dog bites, allegations of dangerous dogs, accusations under warrant, no kennel licensing, breeder issues, criminal defense work, etc.  This work can only be done in the state of CA (unless CA counsel is admitted pro hac vice to another state by having another attorney in the foreign state sign the second attorney in.)  *~//

When people need help for court, they usually have several choices. One choice is to hire an attorney, probably at considerable expense, and the other choice is to not hire an attorney and represent yourself, or to obtain some legal help with the documents at the very least.

In California, for example, the numbers of litigants in say, family law issues, is very high, and there  are a very high number of litigants (approaching 78%) that do their own cases in that field.  In civil cases, some areas of law are more suited to pro se litigants and the California Judicial Council Forms reflect this.

However, it is not a secret that attorneys in California are allowed to provide what is known as “unbundled” services, which means legal services can be provided on a limited scope.  In the New York Times last year (2010)  an opinion entitled “A Nation of Do-It-Yourself Lawyers” was published, this is the link to the NY Times opinion:

In that article , which was written by two JUDGES  [CA chief justice Ronald M. George and NY chief justice John T. Broderick Jr.]—– it was clearly stated thatmore attorneys should provide this type of service in order to close the “justice gap.”  JusticefactorX helps to do this by processing California legal court/admin documents  which are reviewed by legal counsel, which is exactly what the Justices are talking about in the opinion.  (It is possible that other states may have similar groups–you won’t know unless you check around.)

When clients actually need some legal advice, they can get help in finding appropriate counsel, or they can be advised of a legal prepaid plan, or they can, on their own, seek out referrals from friends or an attorney referral service. Most clients have issues in this realm due to cost, not surprisingly.

However most clients can manage to obtain some funding for the most material issue(s) in some fashion.  This is different than in personal injury cases where attorneys and providers may use liens to secure payment, and the legal fees may be on contingency.  In many civil cases there is no contingency fee agreement.  Due to the USA method where attorney fees in general are not awarded unless there is a contract for same, only in certain statutory instances are fees awarded.  This is very important because clients see TV and assume they get fees awarded automatically.  Unfortunately this is not the case in many in types of cases. In general, it applies to the prevailing party in many appeals and even then, there are cases which dispute what the word “prevailing” actually means. Get yours free with a domain name at Legal document processing for most civil cases and litigation; discovery and case management, filing, service, and more. Pro se Litigants and small businesses welcomed.
See this Go Daddy InstantPage®! Get yours free with a domain name at Legal document processing for most civil cases and litigation; discovery and case management, filing, service, and more. Pro se Litigants and small businesses welcomed.