Animal Cases,all Circuits

The National AG Law Center publishes very good information and has many animal laws catalogued by state. This is linked to animal cases by Circuit.  (map showing which states are in which Circuit)  (showing cases within Circuits)

It does not do an exceptional amount of good to cite cases outside of your jurisdiction, although occasionally if hard pressed for relevant law, we may use a case to show contrast or to try and persuade that other courts may have taken a certain route.  In general the 9th Circuit tends to be very liberal and many ARs love to file in Los Angeles and San Francisco (yes, HSUS has done this a lot.) We have read many, many HSUS cases.

And some key cases have come out of CA, such as the Fuller case involving the killing of a blue pitbull pet, simply because he was a pitbull. Judge Maxine Chesney wrongfully decided the case at trial level, SF Federal District Ct.,  then it was appealed and overturned and resulted in one of the largest published, precedential PROPERTY cases for owners nationwide. The Court held that killing the dog was a property deprivation/illegal seizure since there was no reason to kill the dog. It took the attorneys 5-7 years to get that decision.

Also in CA, we have the infamous Hells Angels case, where the SWAT team from San Jose wrecked the defendant’s property, mobile home, and killed the dogs, we believe they were rotties.   There was no exigency, they just tore up the place and killed the dogs.  The case took years, but ended up with a finding for the defendants near a million bucks.  The normally conservative jurisdiction went awry with their illegal tactics and SWAT team.  It does happen.

You should know your  Court Circuit number (for example, CA is in 9th Circuit, the most overturned Circuit in the USA, and one of the largest Circuits)

Headquartered in San FranciscoCalifornia, the Ninth Circuit is by far the largest of the thirteen courts of appeals, with 29 active judgeships. The court’s regular meeting places are Seattle at the William K. Nakamura CourthousePortland at the Pioneer Courthouse, San Francisco at the James R. Browning U.S. Court of Appeals Building, and Pasadena at the Richard H. Chambers U.S. Court of Appeals, but panels of the court occasionally travel to hear cases in other locations within its territorial jurisdiction. Although the judges travel around the circuit, the court arranges its hearings so that cases from the northern region of the circuit are heard in Seattle or Portland, cases from southern California are heard in Pasadena, and cases from northern California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii are heard in San Francisco. For lawyers who must come and present their cases to the court in person, this administrative grouping of cases helps to reduce the time and cost of travel.

Animal cases are also shown on animal law info but it is done with AR help, so in some instances they tend to have more details on the cases they think are better for animals, but in general they are not biased.   This site also has legislation,and AR topics, historical materials and case summaries.

One thought on “Animal Cases,all Circuits

  1. I lost my dogs after the animal control officer told me he would return my dogs back to me if I was not arrested that day heard I took very well of all 31 of them but I needed to get a kennel license n said he would help that was on /9-6-16 that morning I was searved with a narcotic search warrant n when the sheriff did not find what they thought was here they threaten to have my dogs seized n when they came up emptied they called code enforcement that’s when things went bad. What I found out was the city I live in has a annual contract with the facility that took my dogs n show up a different animal control officer came up to me and ask me to sign something n when I ask what it was I was in shock I told her I will not sign away my rights to my dogs that’s when the first animal control officer came back to me n started yelling saying if I didn’t he would put me in jail and fine me for each dog up to a thousand dollars plus a day for their service n when I asked him why he changed his mind he just said things change at that point I was in handcuff for about 4-5 hours sitting on the steps of my front porch I asked if I can have friends and family adopt them back n I was in process of obtaining my license n I found a place to start my rescue but it wasn’t ready for 2 weeks n he said yes then I asked if they euthanized he said no we place dogs in new homes then he forced me to signed the cards without allowing me to read them meanwhile the sheriffs ransack my home so badly the condition the way they lifted was now u safe n not up to code due to no fire exits I was back in my house within 3 days n since I never been through this I figure the first thing is to get back in the house or where would the dogs when we got to the facility to retrieve n adopt some of our dogs back n this is within 72 hours 9 dogs vanished they said were shipped out n the rest my friend did go to adopt n paid for the adoption but when they showed up to pick them up they were also threatened n still have not got my refund of $1500 my life has changed so much since I can hardly get out of bed I cry still everyday I have thoughts of suicide I can’t believe these people can ruin ur life to find out what they should of done was a file post conviction or fined me for not having a license but they chose to threaten me I’m obviously not in jail because they did not locate what narcotics they thought was here but my life has been ruined. I welcome any suggestions there’s much more details to this. Thank you..

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