Philadelphia Prohibits Sale of Unsterilized Dogs, Cats

Posted: July 14, 2011, 7:50 p.m., EDT

Under a new law, Philadelphia retailers may only sell dogs or cats that have been spayed or neutered.Under a new law, Philadelphia retailers may only sell dogs or cats that have been spayed or neutered.

The law, enacted in late May, states that “no animal retailer shall sell a dog or cat on a retail basis unless the animal is of an appropriate age for sterilization and the animal has been sterilized by a licensed veterinarian.”  An “animal retailer” is defined as “a person in the business of selling dogs or cats to the ultimate owners of such dogs or cats, including but not limited to a pet shop kennel under the Dog Law, and a dealer, to the extent such dealer engages in the retail sale of dogs or cats.” In addition to a fine for any unsterilized cat or dog sold, the city animal control agency may order an animal retailer to cease operations for up to one year from the date of a violation.

All dogs and cats adopted from an animal shelter must also be sterilized by a licensed veterinarian before release.Exemptions are provided for:• Dogs obtained by a governmental entity for purposes of law enforcement or public safety;• Dogs obtained as guide dogs for the blind, or as service dogs for persons with handicaps; and• Dogs or cats of a recognized breed, obtained for purposes of participation in a recognized competition. (The animal control agency shall promulgate regulations specifying the requirements for establishing that a dog or cat is of a recognized breed and has been obtained for purposes of a recognized competition.)

The law also adds recordkeeping requirements for animal retailers, provides standards of care requirements for animal owners and kennels, and increases dog licensing fees.To read the law in its entirety, click here.

We knew this TYPE of law was coming, but it IS already enacted in Philadelphia and ARs are working on Hawaii right now! It is already considered “animal abuse” if one shows, displays or offers to sell an animal outside in public. But if you are a “non profit” that rehomes shelter animals– they you will not be guilty of “animal abuse.” Completely ludicrous.

We keep warning people, but no one listens. The day is not far off where every single animal will be sterilized. That is what the ARs have long been trying to do, and that’s what they are able to DO because people do not bother to STOP them.

One thought on “AR new LAW:NO “Un-ALTERED” PETS!

  1. That’s a stupid law, why should only breeders of purebreds not have to neuter if they’re going to show the animals. Why do shelters not have to follow laws? Soon all dogs and cats will be dead except purebreds.

    If this is happening then the events in my cat story will be true, all cats (and dogs) in America will be neutered or killed except purebreds and designers, government cat hunters will kill all the feral cats, except the ones neutered by TNR people. Breeders of mixed breeds will get serious punishment, making mixed breeds become a black market good. The last feral cats will be extremely scared of humans (they will evolve to be that way because only the scared ones won’t get neutered)

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