Research Shows Deviant Link to ARs

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The animal rights movement  (not animal welfare)  was supposedly started in the early 1970’s in the UK according to the Wiki online.

Extensive research paper:   …”the concepts of both Satanism and terrorism. The similarities are striking, compelling and significant.”

According to religious tolerance research, children and ANIMALS are the purest expressions of the life force, and are held SACRED AND PRECIOUS —in the Church of Satan,  according to research, Anton Szandor LaVey is considered the originator of the Church of Satan (CofS)… was started by LaVey in 1966 ——-and the core beliefs are in the “Bible” done by same person…   The core of the CoS has 9 core beliefs, written by LaVey, briefly:

Indulgence, vital existence, undefiled wisdom, kindness to those deserving of it, vengeance, responsibility to the responsible, MAN AS JUST ANOTHER ANIMAL–THE MOST VICIOUS OF ALL;  gratification of ALL of one’s desires, the best friend of Christian Churches for keeping it in busines for centuries.  The CofS is considered a religion of the flesh.

CosS also has 9 sins: Stupidity, pretentiousness,solipsism, self-deceit, HERD CONFROMITY, lack of perspective, forgetfulness of past orthodoxies, counterproductive pride, and lack of aesthetics.  (Notice there are really no moral sins like murder.)  The 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth: rules governing conversations, behavior towards guests, avoiding theft, acknowledging the power of magic, avoiding harm to children, REFRAINING FROM KILLING non- human ANIMALS, and behavior towards others……

Many Satanists wear the symbol of the Sigil of Baphomet, a star with a goat’s head, and surrounding which appear two concentric circles.  Between the circles are 5 Hebraic characters. Satanists practice ALL of the 7 deadly Christian sins (GREED,pride, envy, anger,gluttony,lust,sloth)

Goats rescued from the QinetiQ ex-military laboratory by the Animal Liberation Front in July 2006.

A fire, claimed by the Oxford Arson Squad, caused £500,000 damage to Londbridges boathouse, Oxfordshire on July 4, 2005. These pictures are from Wikipedia

Veganarchism Main articles: VeganarchismAnarchism and animal rights, and Green anarchism

Veganarchy symbol; combining the ‘V’ from vegan with the anarchist ‘A’ symbol.[19]

Veganarchism is the political philosophy of veganism (more specifically animal liberation) and anarchism, creating a combined praxis as a means for social revolution.[20][21] This encompasses viewing the state as unnecessary and harmful to animals, both human and non-human, whilst practising a vegan diet. Veganarchists either see the ideology as a combined theory, or perceive both philosophies to be essentially the same.[22] It is further described as an anti-speciesist perspective ongreen anarchism, or an anarchist perspective on animal liberation.[21]

The term was popularised in 1995 with Brian A. Dominick’s pamphlet Animal Liberation and Social Revolution, described as “a vegan perspective on anarchism or an anarchist perspective on veganism”.[19] The 18-page pamphlet explains how many young anarchists in the 1990s had been adopting deep ecological (animal-inclusive and anti-speciesist) mindsets as part of an overall green anarchist political philosophy. Similarly animal liberationists were becoming increasingly influenced by anarchist thought and traditions, thus becoming veganarchists and adopting an overall praxis.[21]

Everyone knows Peta has always said HUMANS are the worst species, and most AR groups do not want any animals of any type used for food (killed for food), including HSUS;  and Best Friends Founders openly admit to engaging in an alternate lifestyle (not a temporary one), thus avoiding HERD conformity, and it is a documented fact they were Process Church members which involved Satan worship…..  GREED is not considered BAD by CoS.

Well, anyone can look at the major tenets of extremists and figure it out.  One doesn’t need to be stupid to be an extremist, one just has to pick out the main points they engage in…. and it is fairly plain to see that there were no animal rights  according to Wiki, before the 1970’s.

We are not talking animal welfare, but animal rights.  Is that just a coincidence that black hoods, saving of animals–even very marginal animals,  the extreme belief that animals should not ever be killed for food,  using fire to burn things down, ignoring ‘herd conformity’, attempting to satisfy all THEIR desires (not the public’s) by passing tons of rules/laws, “kindness” to those deserving of it (compassion) usually used only for animals, being greedy by soliciting donations even by using manipulation?  We didn’t do the exhaustive research paper linked above, but it’s all there.

You figure it out.  Black and white.

……..  ‘and God said,   Let there Be Light………’

One thought on “Research Shows Deviant Link to ARs

  1. For me, the duality played by religion, whether it be Catholicism, Satanism, etc etc., is a manifestation of mans’ disconnection with nature and its natural use of polarities for self-balance. I believe man invented religion and its antithesis as a way to satisfy his own narcissism and concurrently mask his ignorance of natural laws and natural balance, thus the obsession over animals and their destruction – because they are naturally attuned to nature’s laws which no religion can or will ever dominate. Christianity and Satanism, as examples, in my opinion are age-long perversions which arose – and perniciously persist – because people are disconnected and don’t know their way back. Agriculture and the domestication of animals and “civilization” seem to have been the original causes. When enough humans can get over themselves, maybe the many perverted and destructive relationships between humans and animals will go back to their original design.

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