ARs “Petstore” Factory Fundraising

People…..What do we call it when….

1.  ARs don’t want “selling”  of animals

2. ARs don’t want rescues “selling” animals

3. ARs don’t want “people” selling, displaying or giving away animals

4. ARs don’t want so called “commercial” sale of any animals

5. ARs make laws where “selling or giving away” is deemed  criminal “animal abuse” under the law


READ CAREFULLY: “Space at a local mall has made a huge difference for the SPCA of Erie County’s cat adoptions”     This PET caging is deemed OK for “rehoming, adoption,shelter” animals—BUT it’s NOT deemed OK if it’s for selling a pet which is NOT any of the former.  NOW you tell US what and why–how exactly can the identical housing be legal ONLY for ” rehoming” but NOT for a legal sale of a pet in the retail market?  The answer IS– it is NOT something that HSUS law can do, yet HSUS has already passed laws equivalent to this, by claiming ONLY non profits can rehome, re-sell, adopt, give away, any animal outside, in public, in public areas, BUT not anyone else can do so, without being a criminal (violating HSUS law AB917, effective starting 2012 in CA)  The law has nothing to do with the animal or if the animal is being abused. It is based SOLELY upon the STATUS of the person giving away or selling.

WHAT IT SHOULD BE CALLED?  Interference with Interstate Commerce

We will tell you what this means. It means that H$U$, which originally was trying to industrialize shelters, has now found a factory fundraiser in trying to turn all shelters into industrial  PETSTORES they can regulate. This is being done at the costly $19,000,000 Los Angeles shelter, which was formerly vacant. Now Best Friends is going to use the place for $1.00 per year, and only  pimp off  the cream of the crop animals selected to be showcased. In meantime, it’s business as usual while everything else gets killed.

The showcased animals will try to make it LOOK as if its a successful “petstore” inside a big, new building.  But the reality is the $19million shelter is being used to deceive the public. Best Friends sponsors what we call attack-a-business by consistently appealing to anyone who owns a petstore, to close it down and “reopen” it as an “adoption” place.  Best Friends has helped to close down a minimum of 8 stores in Southern California, while Best Friends is raking in $51,000,000 a year.

Kinda like the prostitution of actual shelter animals, used to make it “appear” that it IS a petstore when IT IS NOT. Because shelters usually cannot meet supply/demand of consumers, and is NOT a viable retail supply source, shelters cannot compete with normal retail sources of animals.  That is WHY AR groups want to turn shelter animals into the only SOURCE of animals sold–  (1) it cuts out the competition and  (2) there will never be puppies or kittens or anything  else born  (3) it is legitimized extinction. 

This scheme is devised to fool people into thinking that “adoption” at shelters is not really buying an animal, but that is actually what it is– buying an animal. They are not free to obtain, they are not given away. They come with issues in some cases, and often no one knows their background. But you MUST buy the animal regardless, it will not be given away for no cost. They will KILL it before they give it away free.  (*At Butte Humane in Chico, CA, they will actually give away an animal rather than to kill it, or reduce the fee.  At least they try!)

Many shelters can’t afford to stay open, then the SPCA takes over. Contracts are awarded to run shelters. It’s not uncommon. Not at all.

By culling all sales by others, and criminalizing sales,  H$U$ can tell the shelter “PETSTORES”  how pets/animals can be sold, killed, treated, not treated.  [Remember, HSUS publishes “Sheltering Magazine” for shelters, and considers itself to be the ultimate guide on how shelters are run.]  The newest law H$U$ will devise is to say NO animals can be sold UNLESS altered, and then NO animals can be sold ONLINE, or from your home.  Just wait. HSUS says to REPEAL the Hayden law.  Let animals have less time to be shown, owners have less time to find lost animals, and there is less time to adminster vet help to animals.

Eliminate all feral cats. Eliminate all pitbull and pitbull lookalikes and pitbull mixes. Eliminate all guardian breeds that can work.  Force “microchipping” on anything with 4 legs. Kill off all exotics because they are not indigenous to area. Get rid of  pesky rescue groups trying to compete with shelters. Do raids on people with more than 25 animals.

Conduct raids on kennels then take seized animals to Best Friends Puppy Hotel and sell, sell, sell those animals!!  If that isn’t an H$U$ factory fundraiser we don’t know what it is, other than scamming the public. Keep having ASPCA and Best Friends pimp off the “adoption” while criminalizing the SELLING of animals. Make SELLING something illegal under the law. Make BUYING illegal under the law.  Make TRANSFER and DISPLAYING illegal under the law, BUT NOT if you are a “non profit.”  Made independent rescues pay huge sums to register as a “rescue.”  Prosecute rescues as “hoarders.”

Snitch off your neighbor by training 8-12yr old to act as a scout and call animal control.  Patrol every online venue, and newspaper for “ads” where kittens and puppies are sold, then turn in the people selling the animals. Make laws eliminating sales, sales, sales of animals. Criminalize sales.  Criminalize anything that is NOT non profit.

It’s all factory fundraising so H$U$ can be in charge of the regulation, which in turn brings $$$ to H$U$. Controlling the “humane” labeling, the “humane” specs, the “humane” killing laws, the “humane” chemicals, the humane “officers”, the “humane” correct software, the humane “tracking” of bad owners, the “humane” abuse laws of selling,  the “humane” breed bans, the “humane” laws for lawsuits against vets, groomers, +more,  the “humane” microchipping, the “humane” dangerous dog laws, the “humane” chicken housing, the “humane” equine slaughter [there is none], the “humane” organic certified, the “humane” labeled anything such as processed foods, processed packaging, processed dog food, processed bird foods, processed cat foods, processed vegan food, there is not a LIMIT to what HSUS will do to make  $$$$money$$$$.  After all, H$U$ is a “D “(as in dog) rated “charity.” D,D, D.

Just prostitute anything you can label ‘humane” and start that $$$$ making machine known as FACTORY FUNDRAISING. It’s all about the  $ JACK $...

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